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Combination of lever of SRIXON I-506 iron is made tall ballistic with forceful p

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Combination of lever of SRIXON I-506 iron is made tall ballistic with forceful penetration

Lever of brand-new SRIXON I-506 iron is unique manual high-quality goods, also be the ball provides tall accuracy at the same time. Use soft lead 1025 frit are built, offer the sense controlling a ball of requirement of the place when ball hand plays a ball game every time, design because of the digital wallop of this iron lever all science and technology and wisdom collect at a suit. Additional its are specious, outline of its classical type of the back of a knife blade, the thin line of coping, move after the centre of gravity that reachs least level, letting it resemble it seems that is traditional ball lever, but the appearance that must not let it was cheated, it is to be in actually conceal its immanent science and technology and wisdom.

Contemporary golf, it is tall that optimal inspires condition ballistic strengthen strong penetration. Use the number with exclusive SRIXON to attack place of force science and technology to design I-506, can accomplish this absolutely. This science and technology allows us to confirm the most relevant focus, the place that reachs center of appeal of the earth's core is low deep, in order to close to goal flight is apart from control well and truly from time to tome.

Lever of new-style I-506 series iron fits the ball hand with inferior within an inch of, fault tolerance sex is good, use begin. Of GolfWeb try batsman to evaluate lever of I-506 series iron to pledge light, brandish pole is light. Arrive from 2 lever break off a lever to all use the carbolic steeliness with lighter quality of a material to become, lever head back has sunken accent. Ministry of lever head root is wider, lever head toe and root ministry have score, in all sorts of placement drive all fluenter. Of Golfweb try batsman to praise a series of this ball lever are qualitative light, hit easily, the ball hand of low within an inch of in suiting especially. A series of this iron ball lever deserve to have body of qualitative lever of True Temper steel.

Iron lever model: Group of staff of SRIXON I-506 iron

Iron lever amount: #3-P

Lever body hardness: R S

Market price: 11800 yuan

Price of surprise of indulgence of new E club: 8600 yuan

Additionally other trademark ball provides seek advice reach the phone that order: 82357032/33, 13051084349

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