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Callaway X460 serves lever indulgence price 3680 yuan

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X460 serves lever includes standard type date and itinerate contest type, bulk is 460cc, this also is the amasses the most roughly ball staff that allows according to golf regulation.

Ball lever has brand-new CT/VFT lever side, the Kalaweigaoerfu that used the unique shift that has patent to follow the design end lever and course market trial technology.

X460 and X460Tour v/arc be on the throne at California city company test center undertook Kaersibade's Kalaweigaoerfu check extensively, the result shows its are Kalaweigaoerfu the throughout history that company production comes out most the complete titanium that accords with a requirement makes golf rod.

Next generation patent that brand-new CT/VFT lever body used a firm are alterable lever face thickness (VFT) technology, make ball fast can achieve American golf society (the diagnostic time of United States Golf Association) (the legal speed limit that CT) test sets.

X460 used accurate workmanship, receive lever face solder lever body to go up with plasma technology.

This can ensure thickness of control lever face, can raise lever area area thereby, will improve ball lever performance then. Often can increase drive space thereby.

X460 serves another of lever main function is its are unique " consistency attune permits lever copy " . When drive, lever bottom places exquisite to go up in lawn, can target lever face and stable lever head thereby.

X460 has unique configuration, its lever area is larger -- serve than Big Bertha Titanium 454 lever should go out greatly 10% -- make Kalaweigaoerhui the technical personnel of the company can displacement more weight, can avoid lever body occurrence twist when drive thereby.

This can bring the ballistic contrail with more consistent around and more accurate drive.

Finally, x460 serves lever still used Kalaweigaoerfu the technology of additionally two core of the company, make thereby this serves the first selection of the golf hand that lever made all sorts of technology standards: S2H2(is short the straight design that do not have a neck) it is a revolutionary design, can shorten considerably traditional ball lever length, make can go to displacement of ball lever weight smaller part and lever head periphery, can rise considerably thereby patient degree; Tru-Bore Bore -- can improve feel and control to spend through the design, extend ball lever length adequately to the end of lever from body of lever head, lever.

X460 serves the lever head of the itinerate contest version of lever has half degrees to tilt, open oneself and distinction of standard type date thereby come.

Besides the square spherical besides, x460 Tour serves lever returned appreciably to raise centre of gravity place, the player that makes those technical levels higher thereby prefers the ballistic track that its lay.

New the Callaway Golf X460 that roll out serves lever has lever head gradient to be 9 degrees respectively, 10 degrees, 11 degrees bend with HT(ballistic) wait for model, standard type date used Fujikura 64 to overcome body of charcoal element lever, hardness cent is light, standard and hard 3 kinds.

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