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Identify a few of lever of golf of true and false small doohickey

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Gain ground as what golf motion is in our country, in already more and more people participate in his, but also appeared meanwhile a problem, it is broad lover the price is bought very easily below casual premise not of red fake ball lever, cause got be affected undesirably on economy and state of mind.

When to teach you to discern below the small doohickey of false lever:

1. Prevent bogus number, a lot of well-known trademarks have its distinctive number, for instance of the head of iron lever lever of CALLWAY right next horn are engraved have armour of a little finger big ellipse the steel seal that prevent bogus. The meeting in mothers of a few the first big character of a wood pole imprints have very small its processing factory English name the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral of the first abecedarian, broad lover can identify true and false with this through browsing its government website and advisory place agent.

2. Brand agency, at present still a lot of world-renowned brands still do not have market of our country of make one's bow, can have little share only so from abroad retail the individual design that come back, it is the individual collect carefully of lover more among them. So, if home does not have the brand of formal agent,have the sale of large quantities of quantities only, it is copy risks a product necessarily. The ball that buys through proper channel only is provided, ability can ensure the constant of its quality is ages ago.

3. Price difference, normally ball of the quality goods on society is provided and copy risks the price difference with product or constant presence, consumer can have a kind of hope to spend money less to also can buy the psychology of lever of high grade ball, also also having the excuse of practise deception because of such a few outlaw, subsequently and those who come is to advertise its the product is in order to contraband, pilfer, violate compasses sell goods on a commission basis wait for origin of a lot of manage to cheat purchaser, actually ball of a quality goods is provided machine from production examine the test should be passed multiple extremely trival and complex process, its cost and retail prices nature become direct ratio, so, attentive you must vigilance occupies petty gain to eat to have a deficit greatly.

4. Assemble charge for the making of sth. , after a false lever uses period of time the most commonly namely, wear away very easily discard as useless, when be being bought so must observe whether normal ball head and charge for the making of sth. of lever body joint are firm carefully, slimsy join breaks off very easily normally injury, false lever because cost is low reason this certain on select material flaw 100, lever body and the quality that hold a power is high grade be decided by and this.

5. Nuance, the new fund ball of individual brand is provided in the beginning of appear on the market, market popularity rate is inferior, a few copy that are eager to gaining profit risk business to be able to be below the premise that does not have detailed data, the advertisement introduction through examining quality goods or other a variety of way advent copy are imitated, but the ball lever that occurrence in order to of constant regular meeting risks toward old style copy is covered and bag of old money ball comes pass away the sham as the genuine.

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