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How to differentiate lever of ball of true and false to use copy ball to provide

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Almost every ball friend that plays golf has experience: It is too difficult to master right brandish lever movement! Lay the person of golf to just beginning to learn especially. because such, people often can come into being a kind of error: “ is before the foundation of brandish lever pose with had certain, not was necessary to buy too expensive lever. ” he (she) the likelihood still is met this kind misunderstanding tells other the people that have not play a ball game or is about to begin to play a ball game, thereby more those who cause “ to copy ” lever is flush. What make a person afraid more is, partial media and golf from personnel of course of study also the point of view with same hold.

Above all, let our understanding how differentiate “ to copy ” ball lever. There has been the introduction on a lot of media, it is OK that ball of discriminative true and false is provided will undertake differentiating from the respect such as the level of the price, exterior, craft that make, attestation that includes product number. But a respect is ignored: Detect namely the lever body that the ball has. The method is simpler: The first be examination staff body twist switch (TORGUE) , abbreviation is apart from to turn. The definition that twists switch is: What produce when staff experience force turn to change, of lever of “ copy ” twist switch very big. You can be captured single-handed grasp, hold lever head single-handed, both hands exerts oneself to do sth. to opposite way at the same time, if be false lever, you can feel roll is very old, just like in twist a tree is raised; If be true lever, you can feel the roll of lever body is lesser, the palm that grasps an a side handholds to be able to ache quite in the meantime; The 2nd soft hardness that is body of check measuring staff, the lever body of false lever is better, there is the feeling of what flexibility and tenacity when pressing a turn.

“ copies ” lever so cheap, basically be the data that uses as a result of production lever body it is fiber of glass reinforced plastics. So called “ copies ” lever to also distribute stand or fall, basically be the proportion that place of fiber of the glass reinforced plastics in body pointing to lever holds. The data that the lever body that quality goods ball has uses is 100 percent carbon fiber, the bulk that combats piece of strength according to its will differentiate grade; Fight pulling force stronger price is higher, the difficulty that its produce treatment is greater also; A lot of brands rolled out lever body weight to be 40 much grams only, and the bully wood pole that lever head bulk achieved close 400cc however, to assure the outstanding tenacity of lever body, must use quite high quality carbon fiber, price affirmation is costly.

So, does use “ copy ” lever what to disadvantage there is? We had known, what the lever body of false lever uses is fiber of glass reinforced plastics, its twist switch very big, the consequence that causes is: Ball hand is when drive, the power catching a ball that can feel lever side is insufficient, attack a ” of “ right curve very easily also at the same time; At that time, ball hand often passes the movement with the force incorrect etc that raises an arm can subliminally to undertake redeeming; In addition, because “ copies ” lever body,harder, flexibility is not worth, ball hand is when brandish lever drive, very bad experience arrives through using the tenacity of lever body (of soft and rich flexibility bend) come the feeling when “ drive ” ; This kind of brandish lever gesture that feels correct to abecedarian control is very important.

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