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Callaway I-Trax push rod comes from art and scientific design

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Callaway I-Trax push rod

Kalaweigaoerfu is in the newest breakthrough of science and technology of abrade type push rod, having can change style vision to aim at piece with rise patient spent aggravating design.

Abrade aluminium alloy meets the push rod design of innovation, bring you touch, solid the sound that hit a ball and aim at admirably. Overweight screw is two on lever face, bottom after, bring up lever head to fight the tall stability that turn round.

Two can change of type point an alignment way that allows you to choose to like. Aggravating screw is secured at 3 positions in order to balance push rod movement, creation is low and dark centre of gravity place.

At present the vertical sale price that sell a network is OK golf things 3280 yuan.

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