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Callaway and fund of fund of Ms. Nike dress are conspicuous

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Callaway recreational kit is acted the role of

Golf is the world of male people not only, lever of the brandish on green mattress field also is the sport that ladies like. How should female ball hand make in a new year he is worn more beautifully beautiful? Callaway Golf and Nike are faced ball of lady of Chun Xia golf took popular trend 2005, the lady that has loved the United States for the nature prepares vogue and healthy recreational kit is acted the role of.

The ball of these two companies is taken choose high-grade fabrics, elaborate design, the popular element nature such as motion, will healthy, vigor, grace blends in golf dress in, suffer ladies to favor fully. The company still designed the golf that suits its age characteristic to like the girl of golf even recreational motion dress.

The stylist Joey Rodolfo of recreational dress is affected to series of Callaway golf dress very big, in the light of the female aesthetic characteristic is mixed prospective popularity trend, choose high grade fabrics, for 16-60 year old elaborate design gave female ball hand golf is taken. This kind of ball takes Ranggaoerfu is a motion not only, and will natural and elegant beauty blended in golf in motion.

The Jo Ettrick say of Callaway golf association: “Lacosta is to design —— of perfect recreational motion dress to have black, white, citrine and orange; And Sorrento series color has cream-colored, brown, bice and yellow a few kinds. Fabrics has abb of beautiful interest slave, cotton and leather to wait. ”

Callaway recreational kit is acted the role of

The recreational motion dress of Callaway will cast Xiang Gaoer in June husband brand shop, go vacationing area and bazaar of large general merchandise. The female golf lover that loves the United States at the appointed time can choose to suit his dress.

The color of series of Slim-FIT of lady spring summer wear of Nike Golf is bright-coloured, fabrics is Dri-FIT moistureproof fabrics. Shirt design has: Without sleeve (RRP 30 pound) sleeve grows in mixing (35 pound) , Rayon short sleeve (30 pound) , Dri-FIT does not have sleeve shirt and short sleeve shirt (remove valence) from 25 pound.

Series of Nike Relaxed recreational campaign uses cotton of bounce the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics (Stretch Mercerized) is made, have short sleeve and without sleeve two kinds (25-30 pound) , ) of pound of lady Sphere Dri-Polo(35. Still have Course Essentials series additionally, for Angola blending fabrics, have Top and Vest two kinds of design, retail price is: Mix for 50 pound respectively 40 pound. In addition, the trousers that still has akin fabrics, knickers and skirt.

Nike Air Go-Go

Nike Golf still plans to rolled out Air Go-Go series Feburary cool model without bootlace women's spike. Fabrics becomes leather to prevent hydration. This kind of shoe still has air cushion heel, color has deep La Hebai color two kinds. Suggest retail price is: Every pairs of 60 pound.

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