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Ball of KASCO DOGGY GOLF dog of KASCO of hole in one year new tribute

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The dog of New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar that KASCO company is in China year forthcoming when, the golf of series of this dog dog that roll out, craftsmanship of it may be said carries alone. This ball altogether has 8 series. Have acting talk of 8 dogs dog respectively, they are Golden Retriever, Boxer, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, Maltese, Shiba, Shnauzer and Pug respectively.

Ball of DOGGY   GOLF not just lovely, and it still is had stop a ball easily to wait high-powered. Use 4 construction with distinctive Kasco, after DUAL MODE series, the battle array that has had 140 150 160 TOUR, it is your very right choice. And DOGGY GOLF because its are exceedingly lovely and let a person must like.

Current, the member price of the region of golf of — of countrywide total representative of KASCO is a RMB 220 yuan / dozen, the detail calls 010-65032496 please.

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