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Itinerate of a wood surpasses Titleist 905T all-pervasive wood pole of test and

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A. The composite material design of innovation highlighted different lever side, the construction of lever body and lever neck connect.

B. Use CNC milling machine to machine deft and strong 6061 T-6 aluminium to make lever neck contact, replaced internal diameter of traditional connect of sincere lever neck. The weight of lever neck connect perfected the position of centre of gravity, achieve better bully result thereby.

C. Even thin model be embedded inside face of lever of Beta titanium metal and lever face is outer flange was drive face to provide balanced flexibility, raised a ball not only fast, what also improved deviate center drive is directional.

D. The body of titanium metal lever that nicety is cast and becomes, add in lever head bottom and lateral weight piece, perfected the position of centre of gravity further.

E. First-rate centre of gravity place, lower more the centre of gravity that nears drive surface, arrive at faster ball fast with older bully point of view.

The whirl that the appearance of the lever head bulk of F.400cc and complete pear shape increased deviate center is inertial. The older shell after arriving once upon a time increased the angle of elevation when the gradient of lever face drive and bully, cause only at the same time slant after losing, come back.

G. Outstanding appearance highlighted the pear shape external form that Titleist is approved extensively. The sign of imperial crown shape that increase is more convenient aim at. Apparent lever face groove is clearer show optimal drive side.

H. Composite material is used in bottom, optimized acoustics effect, abate also the vibration of bottom board face. This reformed the noise when drive and tactility.

The specific norms of Titleist 905T


RHLOFTS7.5 ° , 8.5 ° , 9.5 ° , 10.5 ° , ° of 11.5 ° LHLOFTS8.5, 9.5 ° , STANDARD LENGTH45 of ° of 10.5 ° LIEANGLE57 "

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