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TaylorMade R7 XR QUAD a wood is extraordinary outside continuance legend

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◇ exceeds head of lever of alloy of large 440cc titanium to creat taller moment of inertia, increase thereby patient degree

◇ is bigger than the preparative drive area of R7 Quad 20%

On world tour contest, already more and more professional ball hands choose to use TaylorMade R7 Quad to serve lever, the ball lever of the weight a small case that 4 have to be able to constitute change by player proper motion on this lever head, the combination that can differ through weight small box will change the focus of lever head, control thereby serve angle, rotate quantity and ballistic. Before England is surpassed publicly the Scotland of a week makes public contest (on Barclays Scottish Open) , although face " 5 days of big king " medium hind 3, the carat of the ‧ that carry Mu of south Africa is overcome (Tim Clark) still brandishs the R7 Quad in the hand, those who make this game is the biggest win the home, it is TaylorMade R7 Quad to leave one town again on itinerate competition ground.

And to broad spare ball hand character, taylorMade is new roll out " R7 XR special edition " series is more provoking this series of the ︰ that fix eyes on serves wood pole used 24 aureate designs in the XR mark of lever head, high all the more; Wood pole of R7 XR lane used TLC technology first (TaylorMade Launch Control Technology) ; Lever of R7 XR iron comes on stage first degrees, improved RAC technology.

"R7 XR special edition " serve lever with champagne aureate make give priority to tone, go up in the XR mark of lever head more choose 24 aureate designs, your ball lever sends out intoxicate glamour, high all the more. Cooperate the TLC with particular TaylorMade to serve again control system, concede points hand is adjustable lane, coordinate brandish staff action of the individual, your drive more handy. High appearance and included sophisticated science and technology, your " R7 XR special edition " the appearance that has same not simple and connotation.

In addition, taylorMade also rolls out the wood pole of R7 XR lane that uses TLC technology likewise first degrees, pass through air officer two weight small box, ball hand can hit a left curve or straightforward lane, the sleeper that it is a ball brings taller stability. The face of titanium metal lever with brand-new lever of R7 XR iron reduces the weight of 40 grams effectively, reformed centre of gravity place reachs the promotion of MOI, advance the feel of iron lever and distance to another state.

Current, the member price of golf region is a RMB 3900 yuan. The detail calls 010-65032485-838 please.

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