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How to differentiate lever of ball of true and false to use copy ball to provide

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Additional, the lever head of lever of “ copy ” is made in also have drawback. Everybody knows, in lever of whole set iron, every lever differs besides accident beyond, the measurement of lever head is different also: Those who grow iron is small, of short iron big. The ball rod that normal manufacturer produces, feel to make sure every raise lever to possess same brandish staff, and what stabilize likewise is ballistic with direction, the centre of gravity that can pay every perch through various means undertakes adjustment, like make the distance of centre of gravity of lever of ball of a complete set of maintains. We often can allocate ” from the weight that the conduct propaganda of brand ball lever sees “ is proper above manual or the model of written characters of ” of drift of “ centre of gravity, actual it is this meaning. And the reason that “ copies ” lever to stem from cost to go up, won't go undertaking such adjustment, if ball hand uses such ball rod, with respect to the drive feeling of unavailable same stability, also cannot make body muscle “ remembers ” to live fixed brandish staff action, create the waste of many time, energy.

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