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A few classical golf provide guide of lever of lady choice ball the introduction

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1. does not notice the design of ball lever and color only. Use the ball that does not suit oneself for a long time to provide, besides can negative to ball ability generation effect, still can bring about exhaustion and look vulnerability.

2. To abecedarian, do not need one-time buy neat a whole ball staff. Lever of 5 3 wood pole, iron, 7 iron lever, break off a lever (such PW) combination practices to entering field is already enough, still can add a push rod of course (Putter  , you are OK the practice has on the carpet in the home.

3. The ball of costly or famous gas is provided and do not suit you surely. The golf of almost all brand is provided have the pattern that be designed for the lady only and creates, the price because of the brand differ to also have bigger difference. Those who want an attention is to suit his only the ball lever of action of staff of bodily form, brandish just is good shot lever. Had better not ask others generation to buy.

4. Women's the lever head of ball lever is global lighter, the dip of lever face also is compared men's ball lever wants a few bigger. Such, accord with brandish lever characteristic of the lady, make they can better drill accuses ball staff, obtain better drive result.

5. Lever head is bigger, active drive limits (sweet dot) large ball staff knocks down relatively easily ball, to error concessional degree taller also. The ball that having small core design is provided can make drive stronger, more relaxed hit the ball tall.

6. At present on the market women's the majority uses ball rod body of carbon fiber lever. And men's lever body is compared, women's of lever body grasp lesser, suit the female's palm; Lever body is relatively some shorter also, the most important depended on women's lever body compares kind richer flexibility, in order to cooperate brandish staff rate of the female. The lever body with stainless steel qualitative material has better stability, but weight is heavier and control hard; The lever body weight that carbon fiber twines is lighter, make drive further.

+ of Great Big Bertha II serves lever

Manufacturer: Callaway company

+ of Great Big Bertha II serves lever

Lever head material: Titanium alloy

Body of carbon fiber lever

The RMB controls / 4000 yuan to raise

Equipment of ultrathin mask of titanium metal lever is extremely high rebound coefficient, bigger sweet drop, increase the initial velocity that hits a ball, obtain farther space. Small core is designed, the force with taller union is led (MOI) , be in no matter lever face any a bit drive, can get good takeoff angle and rotate. Even if the drive of center of deviate lever area, also can hit very far.

X-16 iron lever

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