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Riding bicycle to play golf

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At that time, inland has 3 field to be in construction, they are club of club of Zhuhai international golf, Beijing international golf and Shenzhen golf club. At that time, hit a golf to want 100 yuan or so, and the salary of graduate of a college just 449, the salary that does not take not to drink two months still hits a ball not quite. Now, beijing has had many 40 like the court that orders model, this still does not include to draw near exercise field of the urban district, do one Zhang Nian gets stuck to want 7000 yuan only, catch up with of course do the activity still has a discount

By the noble trend civilian used 20 years

"Golf is in at that time the recreational movement way that home is a noble purely, can play golf have foreign enterprise managers only " , the Lei of king of standing vise general manager of Beijing golf club recollects the case at that time to say. Gradually, of the promotion that moves as domestic golf and people living standard rise ceaselessly, on golf green shade many the form of the Chinese of lever of a lot of cheesy brandish, wang Lei tells a reporter: "The early days investment that makes golf in home is very high, deal with lifelong the member card that make is about 300 thousand the left and right sides, even if year card also wants at least 669, such price lets a lot of people flinch, superhigh price makes golf moves to was closed to be in rich and powerful family. " the development as economy, private company of home gets developing quickly, boss of illicit look forward to becomes the first batch of Chinese that enter this campaign.

Build of Beijing golf club 1985, built start business 1987, it is the club of a golf with domestic older qualification. 1986, in the course that Beijing golf club builds, one part student goes to club action accept Japanese study golf, wang Lei is one of student, she has 13 years old only at that time. 20 years ago accidental, decided she and golf all one's life inevitable. Wang Lei witnessed golf motion to be in China 20 old wind storm rain, and obtained the award of class of a lot of whole nations with the identity of professional player. According to Introduction Wang Lei, it is about 34 years ago, beijing hits the crowd income administrative levels of golf to be reduced again, white-collar of a lot of enterprises also begins as young as old boss shopkeepers to be gotten in same fruit play a ball game. These golf are new estate comes from all trades and professions, like IT, communication nevertheless the person of these burgeoning domains is compared much, their characteristic is younger, lunar income is in at least 669 above, work at ordinary times very painstaking, use on the weekend, holiday and friends come golf field is loosened loosen. In the meantime, golf member card still has one to plant face a company, company staff blocks a club to play a ball game with respect to the member that can use a firm, form of such company material benefits lets more people begin to try aristocratic play. " a lot of people are riding a bicycle to play golf now, golf was not former times to compare today really in Beijing. Golf was not former times to compare today really in Beijing..

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