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Regular 16: Be in when the ball ball hole zone time, this how to hit

This regulation tells us, go up in ball hole area when the ball when, how should do.

”(putting Green) of area of “ ball hole moves in golf initial stage is not a jargon. However, green this word is the full extent that points to field, it is one puts grazing field normally communal perhaps meadow, in those days serve area, lane, ball

Golf already happened Protean. Now, ball hole area already had apparent feature not only, and the other share that compares field got more attention. For example, the speed of ball hole area always is a player people if problem.

Of course, ball hole area has his regulation. Regular a substantial of 16 is to push hit a wire. Connecting general reason condition to fall, must not touch push hit a wire, should be punished otherwise. But, existing in fact a few exceptional circumstances. The sand that can get on ball hole area, dust collected on furniture and other interspersion fraise take the player or did not press press behavioral ground to use hand or ball lever broom.

Another distinct exception is, the player can be repaired (ball hole area) his push attack on-line old hole to bury mark or ball mark. But, the trace of any other, include the mark of hobnail, must withhold intactly. The special case of the others includes “ accidentally to touch ” , in the course that takes the ball for instance, touched push hit a wire.

Besides must not touch push hit a wire beyond, the player still is not able to roll ball, feel brush or catch flinched means to have a test to surface of ball hole area.

Go up in ball hole area when the ball when, contemporary player people be used to taking a ball and wipe it. This content just just begins go into effect to 1960.

Roque type is pushed strike a law later is by Sam · Si Nide and of famous the four seas, this law was prohibited using 1968. The player must not stand in with bipod cent now push hit a wire the station of two side uppercut ball. Careful had better, because meet what disobey casually sometimes regular, be in when the player for example draw near ball hole is in light chuck to attack when end this hole, often adopt can courteously cross the station standard that establish, in order to keep away from of another player push hit a wire.

Hover the ball that is by the side of ball hole, to regular formulate person for often be a condition that meets hard. The player does not get the ball that move is moving, but the ball that the time that how long allows him to have will come await his place to maintain falls into the hole inside? Appeared before the time that a lot of players await exceeded example of 1 minute, 1964 accordingly regulation was made revise accordingly, allow to be in a few seconds namely in decide whether this ball is in static condition.

But, such regulation is ambiguous, be in so 1984, instead 10 seconds in. 1985 the United States makes public contest to go up, denis Watson expended 35 seconds to await small Bai Qiu to fall into the hole in ball hole edge inside, be given the punishment of two lever consequently. After this, 1988 ability formulate relevant active provision. Now, if the ball is after 10 seconds,fall into the hole inside, he should add on one lever to punish lever on the mark of this hole. Regulation does not encourage time to await too longly, because no matter the sort of method, the lever number billiard-marker of this player will be same, if he exceeds time limit ground,await however, shocking incur loss through delay of basis regulation 6-7(; Defer play a ball game) , give the punishment of two lever.
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