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Touch push attack a line to suffer condemnatory ball how to should be hit in bal

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Because these places make the ball boils along the ground to ball hole, ball hole area is maintaining good maintenance normally condition. Unfortunate is, natural ingredient can create the situation that expect is less than occasionally. Adjudication 16-1a/15 solves him to discover dawdle grows to be pushed in his namely attack on-line difficult problem. Does he have authority to remedy? He himself must not move this dawdle, but can ask break down match, this match committee should be dealt with according to the chapter with this. If dawdle happens to grow the problem on ball hole area ceaselessly on field, answer formulate the regulation of a place, so that serve as the dawdle on ball hole area,be in the ground in nap will treat. Since come from what Yu Zheng is located in ball hole area in the interference of the ground in nap to push,attack a line to go up, allow a player to place the ball so do not push in his in dawdle attack on-line to be nodded recently on.

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