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A few classical golf provide guide of lever of lady choice ball the introduction

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Manufacturer  Callaway company

X-16 iron lever

Body of carbon fiber lever

Stainless steel of  of lever head material

Price: 11950 yuan of / cover the RMB 4-SW  8 

The shell is beautiful. Long iron lever uses the design of small core, hit the ball more easily reach high decrease to come back, make drive taller, further. And the heart of short iron lever is higher, hit easily come back, the can better point of fall that controls a ball.

V-Steel lane wood pole

Company of manufacturer  Taylormade

V-Steel lane wood pole

Body of carbon fiber lever

Stainless steel of qualitative  of lever head material

The RMB controls / 3000 yuan to raise

Design of ” of the “V end brand-new lever slide makes touchdown area is reduced, can reduce lane to be opposite the counterforce of lever head, conduce to the Founder that keeps lever face (directional beautiful) , of the energy when reaching drive deliver (be apart from farther) , dropped undesirable ball (long grass or bunker) interference.

Lever of RAC OS iron

Lever of RAC OS iron of company of manufacturer  Taylormade

Body of carbon fiber lever

Does the RMB control / 8000 yuan to cover 4-SW  of the energy when 8  drive deliver (be apart from 2x? $9r

The ball pledges stable device TPC(Tuned Performance Cartridge) reduces the error effectively. The large staff face that your person is at ease, small core is designed not only the takeoff of concede points becomes easier, return the erroneous tendency that can reduce lever head, add drive space. Hold easily accuse, directional admirable and feel is good.

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