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1.The definition of GOLF: G represents green, green is the mass-tone of nature, golf is being played in the nature environment with green strong desire is recursive nature, enjoy nature. O represents oxygen, oxygen is one of indispensable 3 elements in human life. The place that has greenery has aerobic life to also can fill lease of life because of this, young. L represents sunshine, sunshine is the beginning of all life, bath sunshine enjoys life namely. F represents friendship, also be the glamour place that golf moves. Ball hand people the courtesy that golf abides by what playing a ball game severally in be being mixed too and formal, exalted human relationship is established in the match.

2.Golf motion is in China: Golf motion passed into China first 1916. High ball of “ rainbow bridge always was met 1917 ” kicks off, field is 9 holes, cover an area of about 200 mus. Golf motion is in of chinese mainland anabiosising is to go up century 80 time metaphase, be able to develop on China earth with quite rapid rate. Chinese golf association already held water at was in Beijing on May 24, 1985.

3.Golf Jinisi: The longest field on the world: Bao compares · Jones rebuilt 1969 the international golf club that is located in American rich Er to pause, it is tee of form of " tiger " at first, full-length 7612 meters, standard lever 77 lever.

4.The world's oldest golf club: Organization of honor of Edinburgh golf lover held water 1744, the ability after 10 years has Scotland club of golf of royal ancient time comes out.

5.One lever takes the chance of the hole: According to statistic, to golf profession player and top-ranking and spare player, the chance that one lever takes a hole is 3708 than 1; To woman profession player and top-ranking and spare female athlete, the chance that one lever takes a hole is 4681 than 1; To the club member of average level, the chance that one lever takes a hole is 42952 than 1.

6.World of all through the ages' most successful player: American an outstanding personality overcomes · Buddhist nun to overcome Lawes is world chancel has won 4 contests exclusively (American celebrity contest, United States open competition, England makes public tounament of contest, United States PGA) each contest at least two. Actually Nikelaosi has won American celebrity 6 times to surpass, 4 times the United States makes public contest, 3 times England makes public contest, tounament of PGA of 5 United States, win 4 contests 18 times in all. If include twice to win American amateur to make public contest, had obtained new old 4 contests 20 get the better of, can weighs the great success of unique.

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