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On December 25, by beautiful and rural Spa advocate coronal name is sponsorred, by joy of cerebral alliance enterprise golf is initiated reach undertake, the day takes the place of Ga

Mobile spot, very touching. Woman golf lover " without love " (license) go alone Guizhou prepares to construct the love story of hope elementary school lets guest shock. "Without love " it is a very gentle and quiet and independent modern woman, have a tremendous energy however, she starts golf lover collect money on the net 50 thousand yuan, went alone on November 24, 2005 Guizhou, participate in what Guizhou Province presses down elementary school of hope of heart of couplet of couplet heart village from river county lower reaches of the Changjiang River to prepare to construct personally the job, on December 2, couplet heart elementary school is successful as scheduled in big mist start working, project of all main body will be completed before the Spring Festival this year, the plan is in complete December 2006 complete.

More " without love " also be in the spot, team of golf of the first woman of Shanghai " happy golf team of international of woman of case bud silk " team member is deliverance children group justice abandons sale of work. Not only female of business circles success, be in repeatedly school big schoolgirl and the young white-collar that just were on working station dedicate actively also love. Team of model of the first golf of Chinese " the team of happy golf model " team member is initiative organized no benefit performance of a love, 3 youth are beautiful beautiful the sale of work of no benefit performance of dress of French Oliver Grant that the teacher that young girl parts to teach battlefront on behalf of student of Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai and Australian Chinese mass organizations had one uses feeling style.

In addition, the business delegation that takes the lead by beautiful and rural SPA in succession justice contribute article, dress of French Oliver Grant, american Florida ' the article of firm site sale of work such as S Nature fruit juice raises money money of be apt to, attendant honored guest also opens his purse in succession, atmosphere is enthusiastic. All money that this second activity raises money are used at funding the development that Guizhou Province pressed down elementary school of heart of couplet of couplet heart village from river county lower reaches of the Changjiang River 2006 entirely, include to aid financially especially tired children to go to school among them, buy book study things to wait.

Develop to promote the love activity of deliverance children to development, team of golf of joy of cerebral alliance enterprise is initiative established fund of happy golf charity, hand in hand " news morning paper " " Laoding pays close attention to " , help more needs the child of the help.

This second activity also is " 2006 ' first China is the most attractive figure of golf female year is chosen " start, ask for evaluate work to make at present had begun, the award that declare have: First China is the most attractive award of vogue of person of award of award of figure of golf female year, commonweal award, entrepreneur elegant demeanour, Yi, in all 100.
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