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The comprehension of golf and getting

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Once I am once joking to a field boss, complain him to spend my major money earned by hard toil go up in Golf body, and the Golf field that he runs, resemble making person sorption addiction same, consider drop also Buddhist monastic discipline is not dropped. But my complement says, although the money of purse was done not have, but mood is rich however. Money cannot be likened to this kind of happiness and joy. That boss is laughing at an answer to say: Astounded male wood removes ⒋ cadmium waterlogged Dong to offend Mei of Qiang of   ⒋ ah if? can let those from morning till night the man on field fastens bubble to lose madam and child in the home, the joy golf is shared at family and friend, accomplishing is a ball truly the meeting feeling like the home, it is everybody developed truly.

Know many friends since after hitting high ball, life manner was changed. Played style was changed. So the action of high ball still is to exercise not only really, more changeable life, and to previously because hit high ball hind to become suddenly Anacreontic,a lot of odd things also are. Can not understand men have a good wife in the home obviously always before for example, always search; of new chaperon phase I outside however lady of what of unidentified Bai Wei obviously the dress in the home is abundant, do not let off any new design to go unluckily however same child of; of follow the fashion obviously itself already was had a lot of get a toy, always like those who contend for others to play however. Because hit Golf, the ball that although him itself already entered a ball to be able to become a member,also understood today is friendly, like to go however other new field goes trying, not hesitate even occasionally the work hard of long-distance plane, also want dekko international the feeling of classical field. But the member that any ball meets can agree, the time that he returns him ball to be able to play a ball game and frequency are met than the ball outside certainly much. Because to the outside the ball can hit Golf,be a kind of attempt and passing traveller only, and oneself ball just can be to belong to his real world. So, the gentleman good Qiu of the man that the lady does not want to worry about her again, the man also does not want those who worry about a madam to wear red dark green, parents need not fear the child does not like his toy, the person's nature pursues new thing ceaselessly namely, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, the person cannot leave the scope of operation of own germ, cannot leave oneself home, the ball that member of no less than can return him certainly will be same.

So, I very hold with a ball to be able to contraband pattern of person management system, if you are a true Golfer, always meet one day you can consider which ball can be to suit his often go to those who go to the lavatory playing a ball game most, what you hope to be able to get over you need is comfortable and enjoy and do not wish to get too much beyond interference. If you had been the member that the ball meets, you are not willing more your member rights and interests is stripped, do not be willing like the male or female oneself madam or husband and others flirt, kids does not want oneself toy others is grabbed same, this is the human nature that this comprehends in Golf, also be oneself in Golf getting. The reader also can be in hope everybody can obtain in the fun of Golf more human nature are comprehended and getting.
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