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Golf motion is genetic: The noble that goatherd invents moves

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Fokelore is very long a long time ago, the handle that goatherd of a Scotland uses shepherd rod accidentally in hits a round cobble bunny hole in, get instructive thereby, invented golf this noble moves. And according to textual research, this word gives golf the earliest Scotland parliament file is medium 1457 now, at that time as a result of golf be current, attracted a lot of youths from inside archery motion come over. Accordingly the government gives orders to prohibit. In March 1457, scotland royal family promulgated dead stop of a “ and the law that bans golf ” . The reason is the campaign with this beguiling extremely strong sex, impared archery of ”—— of art of country of “ of Scotland of Scotland youth drilling. But actually, chair the Scotland king James that drafts 1491 code repeatedly 4 him worlds are final also golf becomes be addicted to addiction, became the enthusiastic frequenter of golf field. And James 5 worlds king and its queen, also follow the example of James 4 worlds played golf.

And golf is played early in Scotland before, ever shed the with lever drive game of a too similar golf in China and ancient Rome. BC 2, when 300 years, china has kind of “ that be called by figure ground to beat the game of bolus ” , and BC the game that to the Christian era 27 years ancient Rome of 395 years has the ball that makes one kind with congest of feather of wood pole stroke.

With its “ in our impression young ” differs, in the phyletic and various athletic sports on the world, golf can be a relatively old motion, golf was in 1457 Aberdonian Shengandelusi city (St.Andrews City) is arisen. Art of archery of ——— of motion of an important military affairs is in Aberdonian at that time the condition of be on the wane, and golf however from now on rise suddenly.

Aberdonian Shengandelusi the geographical condition of the city is advantaged, the sand that the fraise ———— sea wind that it has the golf place that forms naturally to need blows is depression, nan of the move that overflow cloth belongs to floral dune, winding and labyrinthian brook, blast a ceaseless sea wind, aberdonian play golf here. Accordingly, to Aberdonian for, right golf field should be between this dune, nature is the “ architect ” of this kind of field, and the field of other is opposite for it is ” of “ inland field.

Although do not have literal account to be able to confirm date at that time, had established club of golf of ” of “ royal Hei Shinan 1608 allegedly. 1754, in Shengandelusi city organized “ formally Shengandelusi city is royal and classic golf club ” . Allegedly, this club is built by 22 nobles and gent. They still drafted 13 basic golf regulation. Today, the world by tens of thousands golf field returns continue to use to wear these regulation.
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