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Golf and Beijing Olympic Games brush body love reason

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China makes in the scene of song of tall win victory of competition ground of Athenian Olympic Games person meaning still was not used up, the expectation of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is worth rise sharply. Natural, golf whether the topic of big family of return Olympic Games by recur to.

Our newspaper reporter was interviewed at this point in tall assist secretary-general Mr Cui Zhijiang, regard sports as the staff member of center of sports of total bureau spherule, he is working at each summary after the Olympic Games. He expresses: “ golf whether join in Beijing Olympic Games, from theoretic tell, hopeful still, because next year the ability after conference of Olympic committee Singapore saw reason in July. ”

But golf industry person knows, a variety of evidence make clear, this opportunity a stratagem which ensures success is not great. Nevertheless, those who make a person gratified is, although golf and Beijing Olympic Games brush a body and over- , it also won't be not had soundlessly in that way like wild goose Guo Hantan breath, leave more attention and hope however!

Golf and Olympic Games origin

Golf once was 1900 with project of 1904 Olympic Games, ceng Lie is entered 1908, 1916 plan with match of 1996 Olympic Games but fail to hold, 1920 is performance project on the Olympic Games.

What golf project has been as long as 100 years with long parted of contemporary Olympic Games is long, it once was in Parisian Olympic Games was mixed 1900 Olympic Games of st. louis had appeared twice 1904, and woman player attends, gold of Olympic Games of the first woman of American with respect to out hereat. Shared 10 female athletes to play golf of Parisian Olympic Games at that time the match of 9 holes, margaret of 22 years old · A Ba is special  of  Margaret Abbott wins gold with 47 exceedingly good minutes, interesting is, this champion until die, she also does not know the golf game that she plays is Parisian Olympic Games among them one part, more the woman player that does not know oneself are the United States wins Olympic Games gold the first times. Those who win gold of golf of Olympic Games of 1904 st. louis is Canadian player Qiao Zhili of 46 years old holds  of  George Lyon high.

1904 after the Olympic Games, because accept field and level restriction, golf motion left the Olympic Games. But, move as golf in recent years swift and violent development, its popularize degree to rise increasingly, the voice of Olympic Games of golf motion return is louder and louder. International Olympic committee and international golf association are more make eyes at sb while others are not looking each other again and again, as if equipment of all things all, owe east wind only.
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