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Golf and Beijing Olympic Games brush body love reason

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Golf and Olympic Games doorsill

In lovely wheat bag story, li Lishan's grandfather grabs the “ with old be lost craft of Bao Shan ” impart to move round to wheat, maitai can become Olympic Games champion for the son, be in charge of to English word a word the interpreter of a word, wrote an English letter that gives world Olympic committee the chairman: “…… hopes to grab Bao Shancheng to be one of Olympic Games projects ……”

Although Mai Tai's act has bit of fantastic, communicated however at ordinary times by the Olympic Games common sense of our oversight: Olympic Games project is OK of increase and decrease. What roughly statistic has appeared on next all previous Olympic Games is different and individual, reckon gross can exceed 500, rope climbing, gymnastic 200 meters of 12 all-round, obstacles swim, the bicycle surpasses the project that waits to look very eccentric now 12 hours to ever had come on the stage in Olympic Games competition ground.

Allegedly if golf joins the Olympic Games, the business chance that brings at least 70 million dollar, and a variety of gain that international golf association already added the Olympic Games via realizing, broad golf lover hopes to see the game performing variety of golf on the Olympic Games more. It is the thing with such N willing compartment only, encounter a difficult problem however: The formal match project that the Olympic Games holds to since Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee assumes office oneself will not allow break through 28 of present, accordingly, golf etc motion brings into consideration limits to be meant corresponding athletic project loses an election. International Olympic committee ever planned before this will contemporary 5, softball and baseball from the eliminate in the Olympic Games, but everybody does not wish to leave easily, how does golf stride the doorsill of the Olympic Games?

Golf and Olympic Games apprehension

The name nots agree with actually dream 6 teams Sha feather and return, form of ace of annulus law bicycle disappears in the playground, male wind of football powerful force does not show, was beautiful net flames of war is even city …… gold and the Olympic Games of battle built to cross limelight by professional match?

The biggest obstacle of golf is the problem that what international Olympic committee cares at present is professional player. If professional player is participated in,they think to meet bring higher viewing rate, a few committee members want to go to baseball getting rid of from the Olympic Games very much even, because those famous good team do not allow their team member to attend an Olympic Games, the reason is Olympic Games and time of season of good ball game just coincide. Golf also faces similar problem, then the first problem of international Olympic committee is, can you assure “ do tiger five at present and Mikeersen play the game? ” answer is negative. The aspirations of player of one part profession represented if tiger five thises: “ if golf can return Olympic Games, that will be a milepost that this motion develops. But to professional player, olympic Games gold and vole match champion which more important be afraid is self-evident, I think they can choose latter. ”
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