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Golf and Beijing Olympic Games brush body love reason

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However, such apprehension also has a few it seems that redundant, small power on the Olympic Games that did not appear this year, tennis also did not suffer cold shoulder accordingly. The tennis upsurge that lifts because of Li Ting and Sun Tian's sweet gold miracle, regular meeting makes domestic golf practitioner jealous unceasingly!

Golf and Olympic Games Beijing

When from 1984 American player Retton wins all-pervasive gold, begin, the gymnastic upsurge of whole United States begins to form, and the Athenian Olympic Games 2004 becomes woman of NBC direct seeding when all-round is gymnastic, whole United States has 32 million people to sit before the television to watch the game about. Very simple, because of the Olympic Games.

Attention, ability develops. This also is golf one of matters that urgent need makes item of summertime Olympic Games. If golf joins in —— of Beijing Olympic Games of course, all these is returned can “ if the Chinese that ”—— is having Olympic Games complex, regular meeting is created and witness the breathtaking acceleration that golf develops.

On this, cui Zhijiang analyses more lucidly: If golf has Olympic Games of predestined relationship Beijing, so this motion will get government and people more attention and support, change people the bias to golf and misunderstanding, let teenage motion develop better. If connect exorbitant Er husband to carry tendercy whole world shows Chinese economy,development and people live, not be more convincing! Said again, still Bigaoerfu moves more accord with the intuitionistic characteristic of ” of Olympic Games of Beijing “ green? !

Golf and Olympic Games hope

The most hopeful estimation, golf should arrive to just crossed Olympic Games threshold likely 2012 at least. Match of that year will be in London, Madrid, Muscovite, new York or Paris is held.

According to the convention, the Olympic committee shifts to an earlier date 7 years commonly be related of project of decision-making Olympic Games. So next year, international Olympic committee will begin to consider the match program 2012. World golf association has had 120 many member states at present, each analogy that holds in world each district surpasses thorough already also popular feeling, skin of secretary of international golf association is special Dowson ever expressed · : Although “ is bad still now to make conclusions, but the consequence with golf, it is necessary return Olympic Games. ” Cui Zhijiang also expressed same point of view in interview: No matter be,mix from position of developing of social demand, economy consequence, share a number, view and admire the respect such as the gender for, golf return Olympic Games is problem of a time only.
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