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Magnolia of term of contest of celebrity of recognize United States Amen hole of

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(1) Amen horn (Amen Corner)

Of Aogusida 11, 12 formed jointly with 13 holes " Amen horn " . This term is by Hebaite of legend golf writer - Wen De (Herbert Warren Wind) was in on April 21, 1958 " sports pictorial " on creation. Hertz uncle is special at that time - Wendexi hopes to find a proper expressive way to describe field the intense contention of that paragraph of area. He used jazz record " Amen horny loud cry " (the difficulty that the one part of name of Shouting At Amen Corner) will come describe this to must want ability of superhuman strength of have the aid of one paragraph to pass.

(2) Butler hut (Butler Cabin)

Build 1964, butler hut is located at advocate between guild hall and 3 lever field. This hut faces towards 3 lever field, ever served as the studio of the TV station 1965. Butler hut is Aogusida one of 10 hut in field, offer the use such as accommodation, have a rest for member and guest. Butler hut, Eisenhower hut and the building that Luo Baici hut is independence, and the others is surrounding 7 times 10 holes lane, formed a semicircle. A few broadcast and wonderful reviewing the program is in hut makes Butler. On Sunday after last rounds of end, prize-giving ceremony also is held here.

(3) champion corridor (Champions Gallery)

The tourist enters a guild hall to be able to be surrounded by champion corridor place instantly. The champion photograph of each period- - from A Nuo - Palmer thises to tiger five- - display the Zun Fang in corridor. Revealing on opposite one side wall to it one honour the bronze of Eisenhower president. Eisenhower president is exclusive one has Aogusida the American president of membership. There still is wave comparing on wall of this one side - Jones' picture and a copperplate, the record and narrate on copperplate is worn the process that Aogusida founds.

(4) crow nest (Crow's Nest)

"Crow nest " be the spare player preparation that during hoping to be surpassed in American celebrity for those, lingers hereat. "Crow nest " can offer 5 individual daily life with. "Crow nest " over have a 11 square foot (add up to 1 square metre about) big dome, as it happens is in the top of the guild hall, meeting with is a window. "Crow nest " lie between gave 3 cubicle.

(5) under standard lever 18 lever (18-under Par)

1997, the tiger Woods that plays American celebrity game the 3rd times became the champion with this one the youngest match. He broke a match with one staff dominant position 72 holes record, created new record: 270 lever, under standard lever 18 lever. More those who let a person astonish is: He with get victory of 12 staff dominant position.

(The circle of 6) founder (The Founders Circle)

1977, two commemorate father wave is compared - Jones and Kelifude - Luo Baici (the souvenir of Clifford Roberts) board put the flagpole base in guild hall ahead to go up.

(7) orchard nursery (Fruitland Nurseries)
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