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Golf motion is full of appeal, why otherwise has ” of “ green opium say? But why it has so great charm is the problem that the author ponders over all the time however.

Get the person that ailment puzzles, listen go playing a ball game, instantly ailment halve; The person with depressed mood plays a ball game to field, forget trouble immediately; Official and busy person plays a ball game to field, heart of equestrian the upper part of the body is relaxed, mental vigorous; The person with old age plays a ball game to field, turn vivid wave into piquant old imp immediately.

Why does this motion have the charm that cannot defy? Why can you produce soothing effect to the body and mind of a lot of people? Face these problems, the spirit that vice-chairman of Shenzhen golf association holds the “ of a word of secretary-general Zhang Jingru concurrently to play golf is me is depended on and the body depends on ” , make my suddenly see the light.

How to say? The first, play golf, the person's body got taking exercise completely, a ball 18 holes, 10 kilometers go, every place can get the body activity, endure take exercise.

The 2nd, play golf, the person's brains also can get taking exercise, because it is an exercise that needs wisdom. Handle every ball, need move ideas, spelling physical power while, more go all out mental. The person that the person that shallow-brained limb develops cannot become the dictate of this motion absolutely.

The 3rd, play golf, return the state that can promote a person. It is good at “ that lever counts small player to be equal by no means ” player, achievement stand or fall is one of standards of horizontal discretion only, the good citizen on field returns imply to want honest, self-effacing, courteous, demeanour, the one grass that has deep love for field to go up one wood, enjoying golf while, it is an organic whole with field be in harmony, the protector that becomes field and nature and the person that safeguard. This more appear the state that seeks ” of syncretic of person of day of a kind of “ , pursue its course, also be the process that promotes oneself accomplishment. Reach this kind of state, lever number perhaps becomes not important, the spirit that important is a person is contented and cheerful.

See Woods play a ball game, the harmony that there is a kind of highest quality on his body feels. When drive, he must oneself and ball lever, ball, and even whole field be in harmony is an organic whole, the breath that experiences grass, beautiful blossom, the sound of the line of sight of the audience, running water is waited a moment, adjust these and oneself pulse same a metre.

So, golf is manual motion not only, it is mental motion more, when you dedicated at this motion, you must seek some kind of balance: The combinative place that the balance …… of person and the balance of the body and spirit, natural balance, material and consciousness finds all these only, comply with do a job with skill and ease of ability of some kind of rule, come so, break away from what lever counts to manacle first, real ground enjoys this exercise; The effect that expect is less than can appear instead on achievement second.
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