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Golf is an exquisite and decorous quality, have socialization model defy with ego model athletics moves, it and developed hundreds years, having the industry of deep culture and own expand. Be in the United States, 20 million person enlists this campaign, one annual produce is as high as golf industry 140 billion dollar. Japan also is by address sb respectfully with spreading all over the 2000 golf field of its a tiny area golf is regnal! In matrix Scotland, it is ” the whole people more almost all golf ” ! Those who see golf industry scale is tremendous.

Golf also developed 20 one's remaining years in China, at present till the whole nation is ordered write down in book field 195, estimation golf population (Yagaoerfu population) more than 2 million person, and this number with annual the speed promotion of 20-30% ! Golf moves (industry) already formed certain dimensions in China. According to economics theory, so-called property points to namely be based on use value to understand, produce same quality product or service. Industry of so alleged golf points to this motion itself not only, still include ball lever ball to provide line of business of course of study, golf garment industry, field facilities equipment, golf to serve course of study integratedly to wait individually with this relevant industry. According to these theory and definition, golf is in China is one kind has golf field to build at least with safeguard, golf manages the sports that teachs configuration of 4 kinds of economy with production of things of contest, golf and sale, golf recreational industry.

Wait for the confine of many sided element as a result of cost, policy, technology and culture concept at the same time, golf industry of China is not completely transverse transplanting western mode, lie fallow with travel, estate, meal however etc the industry is allied. Give priority to body with the operation of field of level of a 18 holes, the scope of business of body of club economic integration can cover field, meeting place, hotel, meal, sell each fields such as field, recreation, sale, house property, gardens, travel, formed the golf industry pattern that has Chinese distinguishing feature stage by stage. Accordingly, say on firm sense, real Chinese golf estate is develop slowly after golf motion starts rise, outside having feature of general golf industry, develop a few golf industry features that have Chinese oneself characteristic.

One. Start later, development is rapid

The club of golf of hot spring of Zhongshan of field of the first golf that builds from 1984 calculates case, golf has 21 short years only in Chinese development. But time is followed short, but development is rapid, market vacuum is giant.

2. Field construction pursuit is mass, lack native land stylist

Pursuit of construction of Chinese golf field is mass, cover an area of an area, the hole is counted (golf meets lake of Shenzhen view billows 180 holes are the world the biggest ball is met, very few 3 holes, 9 holes field) pursuit has been jumped over greatly more, have the aristocratic temperament that ability of large investment, high cost is highlighted and reveals this motion only it seems that, the operation risk that created field however meanwhile increases. Still have, field construction is golf industry catenary important one annulus, but the stylist that home does not have him almost, the almost all building that field is foreigner design, also increase make cost.
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