Feature of Chinese golf industry

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3. Golf things turnout is massive, the product of own development is little.

Chinese golf provides crop in world ball very large proportion is held on the market (the 90% strong) that the ball lever crop of the mainland and Taiwan area holds world market share. But foreign brand sets a factory inside to produce or these entrust treatment mostly, the has certain brand beneficial result ball that attributes native land development is provided have hardly. Mechanical respect is safeguarded in lawn, lack oneself product more, majority counts an import.

4. As allied as estate

As allied as estate the one big feature that is development of Chinese golf estate more. Almost the development that the construction of all field can accompany circumjacent estate, flat perhaps the establishment of form a complete set that says most golf field is real-estate project only. Estate development business invests field of a golf to be able to make house price appreciates severalfold, sell a few flatlet to be able to make the cost that answers field construction even, regard field itself as gain so not dispute.

5. National policy does not support, media takes seriously insufficient

Before long the country is opposite before the construction of golf field stopped to examine and approve with the ground. The government says is in recent years Chinese golf field is built blindly, bring about many land natural resources wasteful and serious. And to golf athletic industry is collected lead the business tax that is as high as 23% . Golf serves as a kind of athletic sports, but taxation is the standard collecting tax that high-grade public place of entertainment is like a nightclub to wait however. The tall taxation of golf field increases high investment, force field collection high cost, then more difficult in a popular style, block up the development of golf industry. Media respect, because golf did not enter Olympic Games project, the wait-and-see attitude that the country supports to this motion and if football basketball match is intense,these athletic itself are lacked occasion, bring about media to reporting golf match or take respect of golf culture conduct propaganda seriously insufficient.

6. The noble changes campaign, consume itself of motion of ideal deviate golf

Motion of a kind of noble is considered as in Chinese golf. The person that comparatives to play a ball game partly is not to act on be had deep love for to what golf moves and to golf culture yearning go consuming golf, and more it is to reveal oneself identity and position, those who think consumptive golf is a kind of identity is indicative. This also is to follow a respect with world very different golf, be in the United States, major field is to belong to public field, thresh gain golf resembles football of thresh gain basketball so simple, charge also not as good as domestic half. And home's strict member is made and the field of high specified number is consumed, let very big the court of person go no further with one part not high income, block up the transmission of golf motion culture in home.
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