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(Shenzhen business signs up for a reporter Kai of Zheng of 10 thousand red gold) the development through 20 years, golf motion already consumed change to in a popular style by the pastime of wealthy person gradually. And the build as more and more golf field and training field, groom golf is relevant staff member already work up makes a kind of industry.

According to rough statistic, at present the whole nation shares golf field many 200, among them 70 % above distributings to be taken in Pearl River delta centrally. Be in Shenzhen merely, the golf field of 18 holes above has 18. Institute of Shenzhen university golf taught a reporter to calculate brushstroke Zhang, the golf field of 18 holes above asks to have many 300 staff member commonly, the working personnel that place of such Shenzhen golf field need is in 5000 above.

The personage inside course of study introduces, a lot of staff members in golf field basically did not pass normal golf to groom now, golf talent calculates in our country at present must going up is strange be short of. A few enterprises often are to invite foreign professional at high price, otherwise sends employee abroad professional school undertakes grooming.

Golf graduate obtain employment leads 100 %

A professor of institute of Shenzhen university golf tells a reporter, establish in China golf institute is to feeling stone to cross a river completely. This process difficult, have 3 reasons among them. It is a teacher firstly be become a monk late in life, because the historical itself of Chinese golf has 20 years only, who doing not have is one's previous experience of regular professional training. Next, teach a student, teaching material is a big difficult problem. In home, a lot of research domains that move about golf are blank, want to look for a proper teaching material to compare difficulty. It is training field thirdly finite, as pedagogue, the golf field that invests certain dimensions is affection of a breeze by no means.

According to introducing, at present the pupil of golf major basically learns lawn to learn during school, field of program of field of dendrology, golf and design, golf is built, golf club manages as genetic as grass of management, lawn breeding to learn, the basic theory of the respect such as nutrition of lawn plant diseases and insect pests, lawn and fertilization and basic knowledge, be played a ball game even by golf the basic training of the respect such as skill.
Although golf education is difficult, but because person with ability of country of professional satisfy the need, together with is strange,be short of, the student of graduation applies for a job to not be anxious, institute of Shenzhen university golf is the obtain employment rate of 100 % a few years continuously. Begin institute of Shenzhen university golf a few years to recruit a squad only 30 people left and right sides, but be opposite as the market of the talent long for, began to recruit two squads from 2000 50 much people, cent manages two major for lawn management and field. Although recruit an amount increasing, but still be to demand exceeds supply.
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