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Report from our correspondent (Zhu Yuzun of reporter Qiu Ruixian's reporter) city belongs to college Guangzhou university to join country this year first college train that develops person with ability of golf management undergraduate course, autumn head class recruit students 30 people, at present education exercitation base already was built ahead of schedule. In addition, this school cadre cuts off first degrees the specialized subject gives birth to “ tail ” this year, recruit 5000 right-and-left undergraduate studentses only.

Golf professional breach 300 thousand

The home that Guangzhou university opens this year first golf management undergraduate course is professional have not recruit students, but education exercitation base already was built ahead of schedule however. Yesterday afternoon, institute of Guangzhou university travel and time the group of limited company of development of Dong Xun international that golf can belong to Yu lotus hill holds exercitation base to hang out one's shingle ceremony. Golf meets lotus hill the exercitation of the teaching job of the partial major skill of major of management of as will collective as extensive travel institute responsible golf and student is directive.

With what just announced to offer major of management of first golf of countrywide and south “ hero place sees the university be the same as ” slightly, controller of institute of Guangzhou university travel thinks, potential of market of our country golf is tremendous, predict to need professional 300 thousand person. But the education of the golf professional in domestic college is at present apparent lag, only Beijing and Shenzhen open the golf management of administrative levels of three-year institution of higher learning is professional, the golf management qualified personnel that Guangdong saves is more in short supply.

Already golf can book “ graduate”

Be aimed at market need, guangzhou university will offer golf management major this year, this year recruit students of autumn head class 20 people. It is reported, guangzhou has had golf to be able to book ” of prospective “ graduate to this school.

In hang out one's shingle ceremonially, guangzhou university still announces to establish committee of guidance of golf management major at the same time, invite Guangzhou city honor citizen, east the high-level government public figure such as Lai Zandong of president of group of limited company of dispatch international development is a committee member. Concerned personage thinks, because this major gets used to market need, will become the popular major that examinee enters oneself for an examination this year.

Cut off tail of specialized subject “”

Li Xungui of this school vice-president discloses, this school cadre plans to recruit 5000 right-and-left undergraduate studentses this year, but specific figure has not decided finally.

At the same time school cadre begins to will recruit a specialized subject to be born no longer from this year, will cut off the specialized subject gives birth to “ tail ” thoroughly, she states the specialized subject of this school is unripe this year recruit the task to reach overall transfer to a lower level each 2 class institutes, “ when after the specialized subject with school existing cadre lays finish school, cadre of Guangzhou university officer will leave thoroughly the specialized subject is unripe. ”
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