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Editor's note, chinese sports is developing rapidly. No matter as a result of,be 2008 the Olympic Games and the professional athletics sports that is taken seriously extremely; The rise increasingly and is paid close attention to by people more and more recreational fitness sports that still makes the same score as a result of flowing water of person the people's livelihood. Chinese sports issues rapid ground to developing in the concussion of market economy. Then, more and more sports projects are in forward the way of professional league matches develops, the professional athletics sports of system of the whole nation also gradually to tall, essence, only professional sports change; In the meantime, recreational fitness sports is more arrive deep ceaselessly in the life of people, the high spending such as golf recreational motion also is being accepted gradually by common people place of China.

The “ of line place character of the ancients of no less than does not know a the truth of sth. , it is along the body only in this hill ” . In be in development onrush personally every detail that we perhaps see clear China sports develop without method. So allow word of accept of our Bo Wen, listen come from the sound outside the condition. England " observation home signs up for " reporter still - Lai this undertook in China a series of after interviewing investigation, was in a few days ago " observation home signs up for " on published a problem to be " synchronous victory " article. As a result of culture environment, think means and those who get news channel is different, he offerred the point of view of a few opinions differ from each other in article. So, we also change an angle to see the Chinese sports in foreign reporter eye. (Section choosing)

  Golf turns “ into circle ground sheep”

Training a center from home of found a state a few days ago, the “ that I returned ground of type of like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply to understand Chinese churchyard to developing at full speed is recreational sports ” .

The country still has one to make 3 tower aloft inside the courtyard that trains a center the football ground of expensive web. In the building that doing not have the beyond of purse net is a two layer buildings. This building is one has 80 golf to hit club (every hit a) 40 times. Of the club was stationed in a coach beyond gentleman to entertain me enthusiasticly. This complaisant the gent that makes a person feel the spring breeze that be like wash one's hair is not bad of meaning invite me to hit on a few pole, but I what have self-knowledge greatly pull refus his well-intentioned. After all, this moment dignity should be compared temporarily many itch to show one's skill is fundamental.

British reporter sees Chinese golf develop to will be powerful nation of world high ball sooner or later Golf is one of recreational movement with Chinese most rapid development
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