British reporter sees Chinese golf develop to will be powerful nation of world h

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But factual proof, my overcautious it is to be without it seems that necessary. Hit in a before us on, the ” of “ successful personage with each bright dress keeps brandishing the lever of famous brand ball in beginning, but the overall effect —— that the newest motion product that they do not know completely how to ability lets content of these full of science and technology quite it seems that develops them hits that cogently to be placed in the motionless spherule on the ground. They attack the ball that give to control chaos to flying in sky. But the ball that cares about him without the person it seems that hits after all how.

More than gentleman tells me, although golf just is introduced China before long, but this motion has made a popular recreational sports activity. His golf blow field did business at 8 o'clock from the morning everyday in the evening at 10 o'clock. Hit two keg ball to need to cost 100 RMBs —— the price that this is a disadvantageous appropriate. But negotiate to those for the Beijing businessman that the place of business changes golf field from hall of bar, song, what doesn't this bit of mere trifle calculate.

There is 230 golves field about in complete China, among them most field is developed for some time recently. The land with because the development of field is too rapid much —— is used —— of development of court of Yu Gaoer's husband so that many people call this campaign “ green pollutes ” . Among them reason, I cite a case you can understand:

Golf club has the lake of Shenzhen view billows that so-called world the biggest ball meets field of 10 18 holes. By Xin Ge, Aiersi entirely such high ball ace designs these field. This has lamplight illuminative field to be able to do business all the time before dawn at 2 o'clock.

British reporter sees Chinese golf develop to will be powerful nation of world high ball sooner or later

Cover an area of nearly 20 thousand mus, the place of golf of the East China Sea that has 108 holes pursues (south the one part that hill international golf meets)

Do not think 180 holes are the limit nevertheless. City of mouth of Shandong Yantai dragon east of Jiang Zhen south the 117 holes field that hill international golf can claim to have field him —— of 225 holes and the 108 holes field that ball of the East China Sea around meets. The top class member that should become here should pay the membership fee of 488 thousand RMB. In the meantime, ball hand people still can be on the side of field special the domestic ” of the “ court that oneself have in 20 apartment that enter ” design for “ successful personage.

Although the level of Chinese golf still is not very high. The golf hand with Chinese world highest rank is to rank the Liang Wenchong of 154, but his successor is reading speed commonly to growing with flying however.
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