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Beginning of New Year of sina sports dispatch, every phenomenon is newer, FGT spreads a good news namely. As Shenzhen city front golf manages limited company and south hill international golf can sign an agreement formally, FGT greeted the 12nd to join in the ball is met, continue to expand impose alliance battle array while, also declare publicly is worn the plan that FGT will be on drive in farther this year implementation.

FGT full name interacts for time-sharing of golf of front of Forward Golf Tour Schedule(plan) , it is limited company of front golf management the golf that aims to popularize and popularize golf to move at a when rolled out 2001 is managed plan with consumption. 11 already developed to join in the ball is met before this, include to distributing in the whole nation 10 province (city) the ball outside meeting and condition meets 10 balls Malaysia is palmy golf country club.

Hill international golf can be located in scene south the city of Shandong dragon mouth with beautiful, pleasant climate, yantai is faced east, qingdao leans south, draw near on the west dragon mouth harbor, sea land empty traffic all very convenience. It includes south 6 half field of club of hill international golf 117 holes, and south 6 standards of club of Shandong sea golf 18 holes field, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 8 million square metre, it is the world that has 225 holes' biggest golf field.

Hill international golf meets this join in of FGT is He Foguang of field of bethel sunshine golf south field provides Baodegaoerfu twice extremely the field of characteristic, bethel sunshine field is built around a lot of hilltop, lane is narrow and majority needs flying cliff to cross cereal, it is ace people the arena that shows state power; Field of earth of Buddha smooth treasure is located in world the biggest copper to sit on the hill that Buddha northeast is in, field difficulty and bethel sunshine differ very few, but here besides play a ball game, still can admire look up big Buddha, appreciate the wonderful view that Buddha light presents even.

The ball still can have many dozens 300 field of the exercise on land and water, each exercise equipment complement is perfect, style the include of 8 meetings place of each different is hall of medium, Western-style food, bar, banqueting hall, muti_function the recreational public place of entertainment such as room of card of hall, sauna, gym, chess, hotel of luxurious 5 stars class, broad bathing place and Eden of a light boat of sea upper reaches more make become collect golf, travel, business affairs, recreation, socialization to lie fallow at the international golf of an organic whole travel bethel.

Hill international golf is met south by south wholy-owned build runs hill group, “ solidarity deal with concrete matters relating to work, assiduous innovation, sincere letter is this, quality establishs ” of look forward to is south hill group from beginning to end importunate spirit of enterprise, this and the tenet that face towards company “ brand is detail ” are bring out the best in each other, both sides cooperates hand in hand, will promote without doubt south hill international golf is met and the joint development of FGT.
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