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The will mature on international time-sharing with successful FGT goes vacationing the concept introduces come in golf, original creation this once battalion and consumptive pattern, through development of 6 years, get broad golf fan love, also meet in integrated ball with its at the same time resource, deepen a member service, raise a ball the favour that the outstanding performance of the respect such as meeting accrual gains numerous ball to meet. Last year, malaysia is palmy of golf country club join in the new page that also pulled open FGT to move toward internationalization, in extend home continuously while the ball is met, develop abroad ball to meet be FGT development need the road of classics. Gentleman of old face travel introduces head company president, FGT had been on drive, future inside 5 years, FGT will develop 8—10 the ball outside the condition is met, of home join in the ball is met will strive to stride to 30.

Golf of international of the hill austral meeting —— meets the biggest golf on the world join in in this moment having decisive sense apparently, it will increase the pace that FGT bolo take big strides strides ahead.

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