21CN is joined first exhibit exposition of Guangzhou international golf

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Comply with current home golf to develop flourishingly, huanadi one golf portal -- 21cn golf channel will be fervent come on stage. One of websites of 10 big doors 21cn sortie golf, make its are in whole golf domain even Internet bound drops bomb of next heavy pound. Do for the article domain of 21cn sortie golf big, better service is wide golf is friendly, also create situation and promotion for the line on channel. We will develop the activity below the line on various lines. Just meet industry distinguished gathering -- the 4th China (Guangzhou) international golf exposition on April 4 - be in Guangzhou 6 days bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is begun, suffer Guangzhou Gao Bo to be able to be sponsorred invite just, the 21cn golf channel of the appropriate that has host will form a delegation ginseng exhibit current Gaobohui, expedite collect formidably organize a team (include a character to collect make up, news photographs, the) such as video interview. Make all-around report to current Gaobohui, make current golf reads extensively grand meeting more woman and song is beautiful, also allow broad golf fan, golf industry, media group acknowledge and the birth that witness 21cn golf channel!

The 21CN golf channel that heavy fist hits out is China conformity of 21CN of net of 10 big doors is domestic and international high ball resource, the Huanadi that makes meticulously one golf portal. He makes backup force with strong information, offer a match to undertake, team secretary, travel orders the service such as field. Acute meaning innovates, deepen reform, channel of 21CN high ball will try hard " of carry out travel serves for high ball people heart and soul! " channel of tenet.21CN golf of Bencigaobohui extending a date is A23, at the appointed time we will be in exhibit the audience that rich and colorful has during the meeting interactive activity. Should visit us to exhibit only, the elegant little gift that can receive us. Have the lottery activity that can participate in us. Award is rich, not allow to miss!

And since Gaobohui held Guangzhou 2004 oneself, regard Chinese year as fair of first golf trade, be indebted to the support of each old brand business and relevant orgnaization, hold 3 successfully already up to now. Of the issuance that Guangzhou Gao Bo can hold to to help new technology of things business new product all the time and sale network extend; Hold to golf of relevant industry move development and development to exhibit a tenet to do repeatedly, with banner concept, excellent service was obtained domestic and international each orgnaization praise highly! Exhibit island of class of France of meeting specially invite, Malaysia, Xin Jiabo, Indonesia, Guam, a place of strategic importance to wait for the state that has experience of grumous golf travel and area orgnaization collaboration, gather together reveal travel resource to be able to buy an osculatory communication with home at the same time.
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