Asian Dragon Lake Golf Course in full swing soon start cloth market

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With more and more approaching footsteps of the Asian Games, as the Asian Games in Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club stadium and the Dragon Lake Princess Hotel, according to the Asian Games venues, and following the work forward with great fanfare, has in its Asian market Situation and the scale. Now, an atmosphere of rising Asian Dragon Lake community. Dragon Lake for the Asian Games in July, following the arrangement of atmosphere, the Asian Games track arrangement according to the relevant regulations and requirements, installed at different locations in different facilities. For example, in a hotel, two, king of the castle club entrance and the entrance up the hill to install security doors, etc.; Asian Games host hotel - Dragon Lake Princess Hotel, the Asian Games venues - such as the Asian Games with Dragon Lake Golf Club Venue, with barbed wire, iron bars, etc. around to avoid; in front of Princess Hotel and the second phase of the entrance lobby of the ball will establish the Asian Games competition will be raising their flag pole; Ball Club, has a regional breakdown and enclosures, and in the clubhouse Extension pull the Asian Games banner. Princess Hotel and the place has been the regional divide, and posted one of the identification card and stickers; signs within the community, such as the audience signs, event signage, etc. to start the installation; the green banner of the Asian Games competition venues have been Replacement, see I, shooting, such as Taiwan also set up in an orderly manner; athletes and the media reception centers - are also the last king of the castle layout stage. The Dragon Lake immersed in a bustling atmosphere, the event is eagerly waiting for the Asian Games was held.
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