Do more do-Star game or the Chinese side of golf where to go

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The just-concluded World Golf Championships - HSBC Champions, the most distant distance is - 78 players with the game-coming one of the world led his countrymen to move for the European top few China A brother Liang of China took the other three players back approach among the worst. Afternoon, turn on the TV, without a rope outside the dense background of the yellow faces to do, then the non-golf fans in the end the audience is difficult to figure out where the broadcast is at the golf tournament. In more than two hours Live in, without exception, are the lens of foreign players. In fact, the only Chinese players in this tournament 4. Not doing well, not live to camera, the Chinese fans may be accustomed to seeing is not strange, after all, launched in 2005, the HSBC Champions never see players able to access the Mainland of China Close to victory. Unfortunately, most people, thought this year, reached the Top 8 in the first Grand Slam golfer Liang Wen-chong China can bring surprises. The results, not "hi" first "shock" has been ranked among the 65 bits of Liang with other Downturn as China player until the last day barely out of the top ten countdown. Liang said he ran into the worst of times to play, in fact, out where the error in the end, not all of that. Hao Yuan, Guangdong star last week to compete for Asia in Hainan withstand the pressure of the highest prize money into the top four, but in the Shanghai was soon blindsided, and even their own do not know anything urgent, and ultimately the bottom. A variety of reasons, but not the reasons for each will result in an adverse bad success. Westwood just sit in the world One challenge facing the Colombian throne after the pressure back to the hotel every night injured his right foot had to use ice, but he has always occupied the forefront of results list, people have nodded admiration. Although we have the Chinese players and foreign players have nothing to say between the comparison, but looking forward to playing my heart I find a solution to sluggish performance of the recipe for Chinese players. Thus, a Ge Wuzi old world by using his personal Has always been described to play more games, and accumulated experience in the old sense. If it sounds familiar, in September of "beauty" Chinese Classic, veteran Zhang, China has complained about a brother HSBC Champions in the number of entrants to the Chinese players Too few, only two years ago half. However, some people are not think so. In attracting the world's top four with master's HSBC Champions, the rumors may be ready for a Shanghai by the world's top 50 stars an all-star game. Unfortunately, HSBC Champions released the same day the official statistics the number of the spectators, this year's competition proved to be the first three days were less than last year, even though Woods is now shown to the fans a rare affinity.
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