Sanya acres of golf courses are not submitted for approval "fait accompli"

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Cheung Kong Chinese business known, but the Cheung Kong Graduate School Lunan Ding Village is located in Sanya Branch of the top, the more remote and largely unknown. Daily yesterday published a "family of four became very sick and suspected Sanya Stadium" poison "Contaminated wells," reported to the public eyes on the Cheung Kong Sanya Branch, because the Dragon Valley Golf Course is a subsidiary of the Institute. More alarming is the Dragon Valley covers an area of 1,300 acres of golf courses without setting reported Approved, the golf course clubhouse and so suspected of illegal construction. Institute far beyond the actual land area land November 18, the matter after reports by the Daily, the relevant person in charge of golf courses call the Daily Press, said Zhang Jian, although the results of water samples for inspection not out yet, but the court has sent gifts to the villagers and condolences to Kim. Stadium is now stepping up the promotion of tap water supply project work, but some villagers are unwilling to bear much money 1 yuan per ton of water, the golf course is further consultations with the villagers. Florence learned that journalists in the village, a golf course was originally a piece of woodland, some villagers planted in the ground nut. Cheung Kong Sanya Branch of land, only 1,200 acres levy plan, followed by Dragon Valley Cultural Park Golf Limited development of 1,300 acres of golf courses, together with other ancillary facilities, the College site as much as twice as big than the original. It is understood that the cultural branch of the Corporation is a subsidiary of Cheung Kong Sanya, by independent legal entity Operation. Planning, land information showed no golf course plan 18 morning, the Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Sanya and Shi Guihua Bureau check that the Land Information Centre, the place of the original woodland has been planned to Cheung Kong Sanya campus use. Reporter noted that plans for the strip on the form, but also Marked as green tags, reported that construction is pending. Subsequently, the reporter inquiries in the Council Land Use Division was informed that the land is indeed the Campus Planning and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Sanya. The section drawings and information stored in the electronic centers, planning a campus, residential areas, did not show A golf course, hotel and other information. A clerk told reporters that the firm contact with the Land and Resources Bureau, the specific content and knowledge. Reporters came to see the campus, has built a golf course clubhouse and marketing center and other buildings, the reporter in Sanya City Bureau of integrated administrative and law enforcement inquiries, was informed that golf club without approval procedures. The reporter saw in the marketing Center post with a goal of the task table, listing in November plans to sell 2.3 million yuan, and has completed several hundred thousand dollars. In this regard, a marketing staff that they are soft opening, only the executive branch have a variety of licenses. Then Reporter linked to the administrative department of a Miss Tsai, Miss Choi said that the stadium is indeed an area of 1,300 acres, licenses are placed Corporation. Club golf course without the approval of suspected illegal construction Reporter went to Miss Choi said the Hainan Development Co., Ltd. to verify the situation with moderate, head of the company's office confirmed that two reporters identity. Head of the Office of Leung told reporters that there are business executive golf course Photos, but also campus facilities. Subsequently provided a copy of it as a reporter for three months has expired business license, the reporter noted that the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, mainly engaged in golf courses, hotels and other facilities , Registered as Dragon Valley Cultural Park Golf Co., Ltd., are wholly-owned corporate enterprises. Another person in charge of the office, said Mr. Yin, Dragon Valley Golf Club does not provisional approval by the relevant departments, there is a breach, but procedures can later go through. House can be built, and then go through the construction procedure, which also OK? Subsequently, the reporter to the Bureau of Sanya, a comprehensive administrative and law enforcement personnel understand the situation, the staff member said, has not been approved, any building are Not allowed to get the building, otherwise, it is illegal construction. Dragon Valley Golf Course on illegal construction, the reporter to the Sanya city government service hotline 12345 to reflect the staff said it would be transferred to relevant departments to deal with.
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