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Villa, should not be land, scarce resources, cement, a combination of space, it should be time, the product of cultural and spiritual transformation, it can not be used as a single market, it should demand arise it cultural and spiritual, real estate, projects, villas into the culture and meaning only in order to increase its value, the villa itself is like a cell phone, it is easy to date, only attached to the house culture, the added value it will have more good expression to persevere. HL Lake Golf International Community (Owners Forum) golf villas, golf will rely on their own background to golf culture as the carrier, and resources as the core of golf, golf and cultural background applications Golf villa living culture. Have had 500 years of golf history, itself already formed a "self-discipline, self-respect, courtesy, tolerance," the gentleman culture, and now, with the golf boom in the country, the parties appeal to spread in the high-end golf community sports and cultural etiquette. The golf culture and Chinese culture, by promoting traditional etiquette is the same spirit, the Mission Hills Golf Villa is only a succession of Chinese cultural essence of traditional etiquette, golf, culture combined to form his own villa mansion gentleman living culture. Moreover, golf is now able to participate in person is a social elite, they not only improve the health of golf, but also help to improve their moral qualities, which is the charm of golf, a set of golf mansion , will have a lifelong HL Golf Club membership, a gentleman to enjoy the culture of golf mansion, showing the world his gentleman.
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