Shanghai: Golf GTI scheduled for 6 months plus 20000 shunting the field

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70 years, with the popularity of the highway, people desire and passion for speed has also been fully released, compact and flexible, fun to drive their cars full of a kind of aspirations. June 1976, the first generation GTI was born, and from this, GTI The compact, passionate young players figure often appears in the high-speed sports cars and large luxury cars among the queues. Initially, Volkswagen GTI only plans to produce only 5,000 units as a limited edition model for sale. However, GTI, once available on the sought after by the majority of consumers, was quickly sold out and become a nice stylish compact sedan sports a synonym. Volkswagen GTI30 years, GTI sport compact cars for all the originator and logo, was a great success, selling more than 1.5 million. Recently learned that GTI is now only sell brand car cars only need to increase Shanghai 2 million car insurance policies must be in the shop. Golf GTI2.0T TSI engine speed DSG gearbox +6, compared with the 1.4T version with 70 horsepower and 60Nm differences. Within the black interior, GTI steering wheel and seats, full GTI outside surrounded by 17-inch wheels, tires and various other Golf GTI-specific equipment. For a long time, in the hearts of many fans, GTI represents not just a model, a well-known brand, but also become a strong power surge, the embodiment of fun to drive car, which also makes it more precious, charming, unique . In addition, GTI myth continues to this day: In Europe alone, GTI is already known, 93.2% of the people familiar with the name. More perfect the new GTI GTI cars interpretation of the essence of the extension of the GTI myth. Compared to ordinary version of Golf, GTI chassis not only reduce the 10mm, but after re-adjust the front and rear suspension damping characteristics shock absorber, coil spring front and rear stabilizer bar stiffness and strength are enhanced, which makes GTI has a better body rigidity , cornering force with the support of more toughness; GTI in the corners on the excellent dynamic balance also benefited from another magic - XDS vehicle dynamic electronic differential lock, built in the ESP system can be avoided inside the drive within the XDS wheel slip, to effectively improve the phenomenon of the former drive understeer. Tang made 2.0TSI GTI models with the same step the power configuration, 2.0TSI engine maximum power 147kW, peak torque 280Nm, associated with a 6-speed DSG gearbox wet. GTI does not use China-made high-power version of 2.0TSI engines, but directly by the 2.0TSI MAGOTAN engine, 0 ~ 100km / h acceleration time of just 7.1s.
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