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Advertisement regards coupling as the main bridge of production, service and consumption, since method of a kind of sales promotion, also be a channel that makes consumer obtains commodity and service information. Manage in golf in, the main component that the brand changes development to make advertisement publicizes promotion as the market and get increasingly the attention of the enterprise. In the meantime, the huge market prospect of golf advertising, also let operator of numerous domestic and international advertisement think method is occupational this one market. But, consume a group when Chinese golf market of more and more mature, spending is more and more rational, market regulation is increasingly normative and when perfecting, no matter be advertisement advocate, or advertisement operator should want consider how to undertake conduct propaganda already, consider the legal issue that brings from this and the way to deal with a situation even. The article spreads out from face of tripartite of the advertisement law problem with advertising law provision, common basic law and processing countermeasure discuss.

  One, the law sets advertising basic law

  One) advertisement and Chinese advertisement law

Advertisement, it is to show merchandise operator perhaps serves the person that offer to bear cost, through proper vehicle and form direct or indirect ground introduces the commercial advertisement of the service that the goods that he promotes perhaps provides. From the point of legal definition, our country " advertisement law " adjust commercial advertisement merely, commonweal advertisement, government advertisement and the advertisement that classify the other type such as advertisement ought to have " civil code general rule " , " contract law " wait for law to adjust. But, undertake with commonweal advertising means commerce is publicized, also ought to by " advertisement law " adjust.

Advertisement law is the advertisement in adjusting ad activity advocate, promulgator of advertisement operator, advertisement 3 person between the floorboard of the legal standard of the relation. Advertisement law of China is the concept of a very wide extensive, passed on October 27, 1994 " advertisement law " it is the basic law law in domain of law of our country advertisement, promulgated on October 26, 1987 " advertisement regulation " and the special jurisprudence that numerous sectional regulations and administrative explanation made way of our country advertisement. But, this is not advertisement law is all, our country " civil code general rule " , " contract law " the main source that is advertisement law. In " product quality standard " , " oppose unfair competition law " , " consumer rights and interests protects a law " , " Pharmaceutical Affairs Law " , " Food Sanitation Law " , " nicotian and monopolistic law " there also is advertisement law standard in waiting for legal file.
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