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Cross Vietnam north high ball to challenge Beijing to ring down the curtain Juyo

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Johnnie Walker " cross Vietnam north high ball to challenge " it is an unprecedented golf pioneering work, choice field

Graph article - cross Vietnam north high ball to challenge an activity to challenge a success to attack a palm to congratulate

The challenge that Beijing stands is chosen was in between two beacon tower of lowest of altitude of Juyongguan Pass Great Wall hold. Zhang Lianwei stands below boreal side beacon tower to wear boreal desk to go up, cut the ball link the crossover of two beacon tower, spherule forward laid is in south below beacon tower " fruit mountain " ongoing, final spherule is in distance " fruit mountain " the place that about still 20 is pile up stops. The 2nd introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad for military use that come on the stage cuts lever to continue the ball to send Xiang Guoling, regrettablly force in a way is a few smaller, subsequently his the 2nd lever served the ball successfully " fruit mountain " ; The link of final pushball is finished by Li Bing ice, the Li Bing that never has played golf really is put on the ice in Zhang Lianwei give directions fall to turn the ball to hole cup, regrettablly in a way of quantity of the first thrust slants small, put on the ice as Li Bing the 2nd push a success to send hole cup the ball, johnnie Walker " cross Vietnam north high ball to challenge " the activity also proclaims finish smoothly.

Because Hu Jun enacts a TV series " day dragon 8 " medium Xiao Feng and win broad view to love numerously, in the film " the world does not have a thief " in the impression that the Li Bing of excellent performance puts a person on the ice also is a suit good gest, their expression also wins Zhang Lianwei today praise: "They what two people behave is very good, how had not touched ball lever before, can such expression explains they have very high golf talent. Can such expression explains they have very high golf talent..

Li Bing ice is after the activity still the mood with unpleasant him excited attack by surprise: "Look in me, golf is the motion of a special gent, did not think of Johnnie Walker is in however the examination questions that the Great Wall installed sexes of such a extremely rich challenge for us. I am in only 5, golf has been contacted 6 years ago, to today's expression myself also cannot think of, feel special satisfaction. " and Hu Jun also expresses after the activity, "Golf is accepted to challenge OK and sufficient body to reveal heroic instinctive quality to come in the Juyongguan Pass, face a challenge to shrink back anything but, forever forward. Forever forward..

Huang Zheng, yellow read, love and esteem, Li Huizhen acts 4 times art star also comes round to watch fight, they are Hu Jun and Li Bing ice to go out in succession before the activity seek make suggestions. After challenge activity ends, zhang Lianwei carries Li Bing ice and composition of 3 honored guests " classical team " antagonism by Hu Jun, Huang Zheng, yellow read, 5 people comprise love and esteem and Li Huizhen " fashionable team " , depend on the excellent performance that Li Bing puts on the ice finally, "Classical team " 1 lever win by a narrow margin " fashionable team " . As the end that challenges game, activity of this Great Wall of challenge of second high ball fell heavy curtain.
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