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One elder brother: Travel golf diplomacy of the United States

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In home, what we can see is the match achievement card of Zhang Lianwei and Liang Wenchong only, actually, the travel of Zhang Liang United States is true and all-around circumstance does not pass narrow channel place to hear like us, see simple in that way. Their results is far many what can imagine than us, so we can pass Zhang Lianwei's introduction to understand the situation at that time only.

"Beautiful make one's rounds is set foot on afresh after two years, I am very glad to saw American old friend still has those to often surpass the friend that play a ball game in Ou Xun. A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing, perhaps grow quite as a result of time interval, integral state is too not close! " have a medium of madam and home this only with what go to the United States with Zhang Lianwei, "Fail to promote very regretful, but do not do not have a reason. The game is played in the United States, we can encounter time difference, environment incommensurate, player is not familiar, independent fight and preparation is full of wait a problem a moment. " Zhang Liang is during American match, have a meal repeatedly this the mainest issue also becomes the issue that lets them need to worry about, "I should look for Chinese meal to solve everywhere have a meal problem, next time best a group goes. Not only player also has association leadership and medium, ability of such a group represent a state truly. Ability of such a group represent a state truly..

To A Chong's expression, zhang Lianwei thinks: "A strong performance is first-rate, in imagining than me, be close friends. The ability after because he is successive,hitting two weeks day make one's rounds to surpass flies to the United States. Shift to an earlier date 2 days to still can encounter time difference problem, had better be to shift to an earlier date 5-6 day undertakes accommodative. If his preparation is adequate sufficient, perhaps can behave weller. Perhaps can behave weller..

Current, all American golf the industry is made in China, a lot of people buy lever abroad, it is China is made actually. For example, new fund of a certain brand is made in China, but cannot see this one however in China, and did not sell in home at all. To this, zhang Lianwei has feeling greatly, he regards golf manufacturing industry as big country for China and proud, at the same time unreasonable to this kind also current situation undertook reflection.

During the United States, zhang Lianwei takes part in the match not just as the player, and served as Chinese delegate to undertake " golf diplomacy " , perhaps this paragraph of history still can become the milepost on phylogeny of Chinese high ball.

Zhang Lianwei summed up the experience of American travel and lesson, very fast after go back to the motherland Xiang Zhonggao assist Director Zhang Xiaoning made a report, chairman Zhang also expresses to want to support such idea, and make sure association can send a person certainly go out to communicate the match, study that watch a pattern. Pass Zhang Lianwei's mediate, let two countries begin association to be opposite the diplomacy of association type, until form benign loop. "Association and media can lend the match the opportunity, undertake study to each respect, still can reach the view that understanding foreign country develops to Chinese golf, form interactive, build atmosphere. In match respect, we can learn how to be run reach its flow; In policy respect, the governmental orgnaization that can learn place is how to undertake planning; In media respect, how do can learning world media and local media undertake acclaiming will attract audience eyeball. Pass communication and study, we know to should be in the match that what respect raises him, draw the attention of more person on the world. Draw the attention of more person on the world..
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