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Xinhua net message: According to " Sunday peaceful interview person newspaper " reported on September 24, golf wife and cummer drew the lesson of England football team, maintained the demeanor of gentle adn cultivated, but the effect surpassed swagger through the street, billow to get undeserved reputation England however madam of team world cup is round.

The athlete wife that plays cup of heart of Lai of contest of European golf antagonism and cummer to the palpability of bad girl watch when contest of German world cup starred how chaperon uses civilized courtesy to restrain her 2006, maintain due sober He Min to feel.

As identical as the world cup, the dinner of match of Lai heart cup was full of commercial atmosphere. The atmosphere of the match is more enthusiastic. 45000 audiences jam is on the golf competition ground with not large space, but Europe and the wife that American golf stars and cummer became conspicuous person. This year during contest of German world cup, the wife of England team and cummer expression are special, unusually comical.

Although the mood of Lai heart cup and world cup is same, but on the contest of Lai heart cup that holds in Irish K club, the expression of the wife that high ball stars and cummer and world cup England the expression of the madam group of the team is widely divergent.

What group of high ball madam behaves is more mature, more adept. Their dress is proper, did not let people produce the feeling of any annoying. When these madam groups the member appears in fan or before televiewer when, they always are shakily flag, often show a Gong Baila lubricious dress. And, their a variety of dressing up comparative with dry,crisp air of autumn season be identical.

Although the income level of group of high ball madam is not certain under England world cup the madam of the team is round, but parade one's wealth degree differs however very big. During the world cup, the madam group of England team spent 1 million pound, shop in German insanity, satisfy peacockish feeling. Madam of high ball of Lai heart cup is round although the expenditure during contest of Lai heart cup still is done not have now be summarized completely, but the madam group that stars with the football is compared, want low a lot of.

The action of group of high ball madam is very different also. Perhaps be the environment differs, the madam group that high ball stars stars without the football far madam group is special in that way, and alien distinguishs hard the United States and the madam group that European high ball stars. Husband of conspicuous of European team player of Naheantuonuopuluosi. Nuodegelun is the wife of Woods of American famous general European. Gram of 4 players carat, Aolazabaer, Haoweier mixes European team the madam was not carried in the match that Montgomery is in club of K high ball to undertake or girlfriend.

If say Europe and group of madam of American high ball are equal to normally if dress is performed, irish weather does not have cooperate, overcast and rainy comes over ceaselessly, group of high ball madam reduces dress performance the level that shows to the raincoat only.
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