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If say the group of high ball madam that joins contest of Lai heart cup started new sign, the case of past golf is not complete and such. When the contest of high ball of Lai heart cup 1987, · much Rance is in hill Mu assist with the Xiang Dan on type plane Neal proposes, what Duolansi does not have expect is, his love and marriage wrote down the brushstroke of dense on the history of match of Lai heart cup.

Same year, team leader of group of cup of American Lai heart Jackie · Nikelaosi and his wife Barbara · Nikelaosi is unmindful between finished a paragraph of the fate brings lovers together. Cup contest put to imprint in the bedroom that organizer specially gives every athlete chaperon the pink sweater that has brand. But, · Buddhist nun overcomes Barbara Lawes did not notice this however, go up in the opening ceremony as a result, her discovery takes part in the match all chaperon of the player put on this pink shirt. Although Barbara is mixed,her husband does not feel excited to development of condition of this kind of situation, but cheering squad begins an activity, they return a bedroom to changed clothes to had had not enough time.

1989, lei Yi · Fuluoyide's wife Maliya · Fuluoyide to madam group every member extended an as similar as the Stars and the Stripes dress, produced the effect that madam group cheers for American team.

1999, linxiao of case of Zhu Li · became the protagonist of madam group, allow sponsor help sb generously with money. Each days of Dou Xiangtai is too round the member extends all sorts of luxurious commerciality gift.

In match of cup of heart of the 17th Lai, match of Lai heart cup is held in the Bulukelin of new York. High ball madam is round the closes a key point for silent golden hair gentle and graceful fair maiden that this match is weighed, appear have beyond the mark romance. Si Sheng of Mu of Zhan of · of mark of European group team leader says, during the match undertakes, an audience spits saliva to his wife actually.

Contest of Lai heart cup was held in Oakland hill 2004. Benefit of horse of · unconscious elder brother cannot mask division forest his feeling, although oneself are very open divorce process makes Montgomery's couple more conspicuous. Montgomery says later: "The thing of these high ball madams lost control. Becoming me is captain when, my general checks this is planted phenomenon. I think, in contest of professional high ball, madam group can have decisive effect. Madam group can have decisive effect..

In the match of Lai heart cup this year, group of madam of high ball star and past are identical: Important still, but it is too important. Although England is sufficient assist directorate member feels, group of England team madam had pressed England star in German expression, but the organizer of Lai heart cup won't have such concern.

Nikelaosi says: "Group of madam of Lai heart cup produced supportive effect in the match, attribute the one part of social action. But, I think, they need not become the center of the match. They need not become the center of the match..
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