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The student plays golf, sound very beautiful (attached drawing)

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This year in July, beijing University plans this school not field of exercise of golf of instead of a of renown lakefront unused playground, again will " golf " play educational field. Recently, xu Zhihong of Beijing University president expresses, as a result of a variety of pressure, the golf of Beijing University

Prepare to construct in Beijing University golf field causes controversy before long, yunnan agriculture college also desire a the school unused instead golf field. The school yard with Yunnan old farming is in half half way up the mountain, this school has many vacant lot however. School the maintenance that just weighs lawn can is in charge of by the student with horticultural and professional this school, nevertheless this plan has not find assistance fund.

This year in September, university of Shanghai finance and economics also opens golf to move to be born anew greatly. This school prepares lever of golf training field, ball, ball and relevant teaching material for the new student. Professor Chen Xiao of this school says, because be finance and economics kind university, the chance that after the student graduates, contacts with economy character is more also, there are a lot of businesses now is concluded in golf field, so hope student contacts a society as early as possible, know this sport, lay next foundations for the business affairs activity in the future. As we have learned, the other college of Shanghai ever also referred this subject to Professor Chen Xiao.

Recently, fact of Zhu Chong of Xiamen university president says: "After two months, country's at present most beautiful golf exercise field will build investment to use in Xiamen university. Student of 2006 class Xiamen University should attend golf course this year, be opposite among them the student of institute of management, law, economy, software or obligatory course, every student should learn to play golf. " school square explanation is, golf is cacique of nowadays business circles people a social activity that love, the school should develop elite person with ability, hit golf to be " elite is taught " needed.

After the message that Xiamen University is about to regard a student as obligatory course golf course is announced, teaching bound and social echo intense. About the college this discussion viewpoint that constructs golf field has 3: Think golf motion is a spiritual civilization on one hand, formal, the motion of high quality, mansion senior colonel grows even if take a fancy to these ability to be able to offer the point of view of obligatory course. Oppose square point of view: Ought not to. Hit golf to be not represented cultured, xiamen University president is misinterpret the concept of elite. Still a kind of viewpoint thinks this is a kind of attempt, can letting a person associate is a kind of hype of Xiamen University president.

   College of first golf course learns to have no activity in this city

The reporter understands from concerned respect, the person that there also is golf have a taste of what is just in season in this city school. As we have learned, from this year autumn semester begins, tianjin city is fast one initial year enters new course to reform entirely. To enlarge intellectual field of vision of the student, school of boast China seaside is bold attempt, in taking the lead in carrying out a class in the society of Gao Yinian class, increased equestrian the content with golf skill. A few days ago, the author was in the place of a sports teacher of school of boast China seaside to also confirm this matter.
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