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Make an appointment all right with Chen Chao it is very difficult to interview, the life that 2.1 line gets on with field on business field squeezed his major while. As Shenzhen front golf runs limited company president, all business need the company such as project of the government that the organization of the plan and construction of field, match, ball meets, FGT he kisses force to be in person.

The Chen Chao that once worked in governmental general office calculates all right going up is a batch of people that home contacts golf the earliest. 1985, shenzhen golf club holds water, old establish a ceremony as what governmental official joined a club, this also is golf of contact of close quarters of his first time, and before this he as person of domestic great majority same, to the athletic utterly ignorant that this ship comes to. But, this intimate contact is acquaintance merely, chen Chao perhaps cannot think of all right, oneself can go to the golf club of class of this home patriarch to work after 10 years. Such appearing, the lot of he and golf began truly 1995.

From know golf mies wife to the trade that makes golf person, these 10 years during, chen Chao goes ever more than accompany domestic and international travelling merchant to stroll on field, but stroll every time, the action of field the green meadow that be confined to suits to take a walk. Chen Gao tells a reporter, during governmental general office works, once accompanied travelling merchant to had walked on field, but oneself did not realize all the time should go learning play a ball game. Perhaps, will talk about a thing with the form of golf can more appropriate, more natural, this and the state that golf moves to develop in home are concerned. At that time, golf motion of home just just starts, the member that the high level of the majority that home can play a ball game to field or foreign capital enterprise, foreign country is stationed in a Chinese, home can be truly on field the person of cheesy brandish lever is little little.

Chen Chao expresses all right, because in golf this industry works, just had study to play the idea of golf, the general manager that regards a golf as the club after all won't play a ball game some cannot be justified or explained away.

Golf also is interlinked

2000, chen Chao established to face towards golf runs limited company in Shenzhen all right, the 2nd year when establish in the company, he in golf this industry initiated a kind of brand-new management concept -- front golf time-sharing is interactive plan (ForwardGolfTourSchedule abbreviation FGT) . When refer when this unique originality, chen Chao tells a reporter all right: "If say the time-sharing that applies on the hotel goes vacationing,the form is the word that introduces China from abroad, the time-sharing of that golf respect goes vacationing the form is moved toward international by China. The time-sharing of that golf respect goes vacationing the form is moved toward international by China..
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