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Farmer ball hand: The random thought of 2 iron

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Somebody tells me, the ball hires li of person that holds 2 iron, do not cry with him board. The tiger makes public contest in England, dug 72 holes, use DRIVER besides, other long hole all is 3 wood or 2 iron drive staff. The tiger can make 2 iron of course, also be to cannot cry of course board.

What are 2 iron after all east? What sense to make? The palmy spring that los angeles the eastern side reachs before long before old farmer plays a ball game, go early nodding, take the advantage of half hour before the friend is done not have, ramble foolishly to a golf inn, see a 2 iron sheet sells. This is a TAYLORMADE LT, the product is bit older, but really beautiful. The penknife carries a design on the back, also 4 are enchased deserve to weigh. Take than delimiting, gently one brandish gives birth to wind with respect to Huhu. See valence lot, 1999. Curiosity asks inn the boss, does this lever sell 199 dollars? The boss is checked with computer, the answer says 19 yuan 99 minutes. Old farmer listens great rejoicing, take on the spot. Ask, how so cheap, be false? The boss says, nobody wants this pole, because do not have a few people,be hit. Talked about a few again then, inn boss is maintained, old farmer is the ball hand with ball ability quite high level certainly, and belong to old style, aux would rather the lever that use iron need not hophornbeam (drumstick) . Old farmer was perfunctory a few, also did not deny to fair words, carrying lever to run at once, be afraid that the boss regrets.

Arrived PGA WEST, go straight towards exercise field continuously. The friend that asks old farmer to play a ball game also came, had begun warm up. Old farmer still goes according to the program, sanded lever, 8 iron, 3 iron. Satisfying in often thinking Na Genxin lever. Each 5 balls hit 3 iron pole, basic it is straight. Then small 2 smoked come out. Go to lever head put at the back of the ball, do not feel how to much grow than 3 iron, but lever head is apparent small, thin. According to the feeling of before ten balls, brandish lever one brandish, went out. True still TMD is far. Further than 3 iron many, give the effect of the ball like DRIVER simply. A sense of pride arises spontaneously, old farmer also can make 2 iron.

Next that ball, want organic meeting only, use 2 iron call. It is majority successfully, hit individually thin, but the distance is quite far still. Short 4 lever hole opens lever to also had been used. Total feeling, bright.

But, good fun is not long. Next a few days are practicing, what lever can have been hit, arrived 2 iron give an issue, not be to hit hit greatly namely thin. Several balls also are moved come nevertheless. Consider reluctance can successful to be hit, the ball is not straight also. Some left some are right (right more some) . And farewell goes hitting other staff to also produce a problem. 2 iron seem to raise demon rod, will punish me? Dare not touch a bit really. Later a few balls, far from dare reoccupy.

But old farmer does not believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. Everyday morning drills affirmation allocation gives 2 iron at least 20 balls, and according to the circumstance, thrust deep into the enemy forces is among each accident lever. 2 iron resemble a the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty be proud not the small bronco of domesticate, you want to control it, do bad meeting put down you two kick, still meet a whole Ma Qun fan wild. But if held its moral character, it can let you control steadily all ball lever. 2 iron are so disposition, it can you all illness enlarge. Use dozen of 2 date iron to correct those mistake, may reveal a more illness, adjust randommer more. Did not know how to be hit finally even.
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