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Zhang Lianwei: The star is not to fry come out

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To the championship contest of adolescent of Zhang Lianwei cup that ends last week, feeling of one elder brother is quite much, "The match had insisted to hold 6 up to now, annual we can see new face, player level is higher and higher also. Especially, two players are in team of A group championship this year the success that enjoys 10 lever is made below torrid weather, make a person adv unimaginably really. Make a person adv unimaginably really..

As a result of the match grow quickly, famous degree wider and wider, the number signing up of Zhang Lianwei cup is increasing. Although decide 195 to take part in the match finally,the number had created historical record, very much young player still fails the name on the newspaper. Face such problem, zhang Lianwei states the match dimensions of next year can expand somewhat, at the same time the doorsill of the match can rise further, "Next year perhaps can create qualificatory competition, as tall as each district assist collaboration undertakes local choose, let more teenage players have the opportunity that take part in the match, single out remarkable athlete to have the competition at the same time. At the appointed time, the match can undertake more detailed in group, choose undertakes in different age layer. Choose undertakes in different age layer..

Speak of the stress that Chinese golf develops, zhang Lianwei thinks to should be in again found, "People is too anxious now, include myself. Have a skyrocketing rise is impossible then, golf must plunge into on-the-spot found, one pace is accumulated. The person that plays a ball game only became much just meet those who have golf to will come. China still does not have international ace now, some of thing jumps do not jump to go up, if do not have a foundation to hit solid, jump to be able to slip only. Be in China, won champion to be met only pressure is greater, if do not have dependable step, can be transitory only. Now we and the difference outside too far, should lay the foundation so prison. Should lay the foundation so prison..

   Golf star is not to build come out

To some people " lacking the motion that make a star is the reason with Chinese golf slow progress " say decline, one elder brother thinks golf hype and exceed female recreation hype is disparate, golf star is made, not be to fry come out. Golf is an athletic sports, actual strength shows everything. Look what is more,the rather that with China's current condition, consumption level of average per capita has not reached that arrangement, the people acceptance to golf degree is finite, it is very difficult that golf sport spreads, but popularize through endless ground even.

   Professional golf develops a way

Zhang Lianwei thinks SOHO go on an expedition is bad, because ability is limited, best can the group fights, have business support. Because no matter still be an enterprise to the player,will be double so,win. On one hand, establish the team of club type, division of complementary adviser, nutrition and physical ability coach wait for the train that can provide need, psychology, the player can get science, train systematically and the match. If encounter the international match such as channel cup, world cup, can give best player to take part in the match through match choose; On the other hand, the enterprise is helpful for improving company image through packing a player, raise the outside to be spent to the attention of the enterprise, enhance company competition ability. Zhang Lianwei is special a pointing out Chinese football club applies in golf respect should be golf of Chinese development profession bright road.
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