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Violet Yue Golf: She Shan come back word tiger!

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The game just watchs originally after the course that plans to finish a few days, break hears the classmate is eristic 7 afternoon: Xu apology gauze ah  noes health neon goes straight towards post perch red Cong タ the match that heats up  ? the first day just is worth to look, final final, it is clearer to watch TV.
I can'ted restrain immediately: Does second walk?

Result, we a few people come to an agreement stealthily: Retreat graceful? many are not taken! Otherwise teacher sees empty so much place, not quite good.
And, we see 9 holes come back. Delay only one morning course.
The next day is early set out partly at 8 o'clock.

I did not see the cup collecting abundant last year. Occasionally too too lively issue, arouse my interest instead not. This, also be the dimensions that wants to watch the game, experience the atmosphere of the spot. As to watch the game, still be to feel to sit in the home to watch TV really better off.
Will early be inferior to coming opportunely. The tiger is drilling on fruit mountain push rod. The person surrounds the three-layer outside getting li of three-layer. Seem to see the rare animal in the zoo.

Pardonable also, this repeatedly the handsome young man that battle gets the better of repeatedly is called by how many person god.
In a few minutes, tiger and other 2 people from bully of the 10th hole, that calls far, more than 360. Think the person that sees his push rod runs only, wait otherwise, becoming warped tiptoe sees hard also. The classmate that goes together says, compared last year the person is great now.
Estimation final is met certainly if stream emerges.

The tiger is hit how good I did not say more, introduce more in detail on media. Say this match is a royal party really only, see a ball accordingly, see familiar face ceaselessly. Have the ball friend on forum, the leader of association, still have more familiar friend. Everybody is not accident. Golf circle altogether is so big, time of a few years, do not say to go up v/arc a well-traveled also accumulated some of person arteries and veins.

Weather of that day is really hot, add disease to walk, gave the sweat of a suit. Look again beside the crowd that has taken, north comes wear more thickly. Those who encounter is small 4 say, I go that day, north thes capital of a country 0 times.

Be the same as with the tiger the person of the group, psychological pressure can be compared big. In audience eye, the tiger is star, it is God, it is a focus. Each
Blast applause praises with each, and each groan is to be him.

Leave very nearly, push rod when, I look get he is long and shock eyelash. Resemble a child.

The tiger hit standard pole that day, 72 lever. But everybody believes thoroughly, he arrived to just be sent finally power!

See an information today, he had called the good result of 64 lever.

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