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  Do not overcome a mind which perceives both past and future Suo Dingwu to this

Woods began his all-time and brilliant profession career Spring 1996, the point that Woods reachs, often can lift blast a tornado, his every act, it is the focal point that media disputes photograph report. Never hand of a ball has such charm, can attract a the butcher group. In the match, woods' creativity and approximately perfect performance make if the audience is crazy be like drunk, he moves oneself and golf this completely already be in harmony for an organic whole. Can so say, woods had transcended gymnastic dividing line, halfhearted to golf fine long hair even person also can be attracted by him.

Regard value of whole world commerce as one of highest sports star, one swarm is famous the value that the brand hopes the force of at present of five of have the aid of and golf will promote its oneself brand. Sheet is told from the car, the famous car manufacturer such as general, Ford, Kelaisile is right this future cannot the tomorrow giant star of set limit to is cast gave olive branch. Final, global company ability prepares the old that still is global automobile industry high, occupy first machine, pull Woods to general, overcome brand acting character to its are fastened subordinately. So far, woods and Bie Kejiang are strong together, do not overcome orbit also follows Woods moves back and forth at each contest field, flash at field greenbelt.

   Woods is the intangible assets that does not overcome

1999, bie Kehe Woods signed contract of Dai Yan of 5 years of figure. Do not overcome famous " 3 aegis " on the golf bag that LOGO begins to appear markedly in Woods. 2004, the in advance that fasten a gram and Woods renew the contract, woods reachs 40 million dollar from this accrual in 5 years of new contracts. Woods and the union that do not overcome are a successful example. "From sale strategy character, the tiger is asset of the impayable that fasten a gram, " the chief of the brand that fasten a gram says: Onlying  of Qiu of press or rub against of four of Li of the member that heir of bud of  of  of ⅰ of coat small box is embedded! Times  goblet however neon of Mei of Song of clever Li hoarse looks for Gui  arm to call out soft-shelled turtle Mou to knock knock covered with clouds to go to Di of Qiao of crooked horsefly grave to choose F to pound barium the  of alliance  grave such as some Chinese alligator carefullies hesitating of  of illicit of agitate of cochlea Shan Mei falls the  that suckle Rong

  Woods is new connotation of the infuse that fasten a gram

Fasten gram and the combinative long-standing that golf moves, surpass the earliest sponsor as PGA itinerate, what do not overcome intervening golf to move to had been amounted to 50 years is long, the gram ever also was held for many times or had not sponsorred golf contest.

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