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Sign up - sina ball friend can invite your Beijing Tian Hongxiang to accept wint

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Be worth what carry is, grand exercise field has Beijing hill day sit the geographical advantage south the Northern Dynasties and Beijing's best coach ordinary members of theatrical troupe, the ball that always plays this activity is friendly, will get most meticulous, correct guidance, in wintry day warm this world beamed below, you brandish

Means signing up:

Dial ball friend conference hot line: 010-64953353 or add MSN: Issace1949@hotmail.com is a contact.

Above signs up two kinds means is optional can sign up firstly, other means is uniform and invalid.

Sign up end time:

On December 8 (Zhou Wu) afternoon before 6 o'clock. Upper limit of quota of people: 60 people

Please intended person intensify time signing up!

Specific activity arranges as follows:

Time: On December 9, 2006 (on Saturday)

13: 00 begin register one's attendance at a meeting or at an office. Ask each ball friendly spot to fill in initiate form, guide by court clerk to dozen.

13: 30 recruit groom (free) signing up.

14: 30 begin activity of gout contest project (freedom signs up)

16: 00 activities end.

Golf of Beijing Beijing Shan Tianhong practices a brief introduction
Sign up - sina ball friend can invite your Beijing Tian Hongxiang to accept wintry day warm this world on December 9

Address: Village of mouth of goverment office in feudal China of area of Beijing stone Jing Shan east (south Shi Jingshan amusement park)

Take car course: Mouth of goverment office in feudal China goes into the street after exit comes out, take a side road left-hand rotation of the 2nd traffic light, see guide is indicated.

Phone: 010-68602692 68603856

Club of golf of Beijing Beijing Shan Tianhong covers an area of nearly 40 thousand square metre, full-length 300 meters, 135 meters wide. Have 72 to hit, exceed congress place to design times feeling member exalted. Additional some plucks the ball is set to provide dining-room of room of inn, shower, tea wait for establishment of form a complete set and the hot spring that are about to finish inside the garden, recreational place such as natatorium and meeting place by the club project and the tennis center that prepare to construct can allow capital Shan Tianhong. Professional golf service group, fine professional drill team, strong field hardware deploys the presence that expects you!

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